Erbe in cucina: Best of 2010

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December 27, 2010

This year is almost ended, and I enjoyed the idea of Cooking 4 all Seasons to celebrate the new year with a recap of what we did during 2010.

Erbe in Cucina in 2010

Thai chicken soup1. Top 5 recipes of the year

The best recipe: Thai chicken soup (Tom Ka Gai), with ginger and lemon grass, quick, tasty and perfect when you have a cold.

The other unforgettable recipes of 2010:
Lemon muffins with poppy seeds
Orange pasta with smoked salmon
Chili and Cantaloupe jam
Rhubarb crumble

Orange pasta with smoked salmon2. Best dish of the month

January: Orange pasta with smoked salmon
February: Thai chicken soup (Tom Ka Gai)
March: Bresaola roll-ups with rocket and dill
April: Lemon and coriander chicken
May: Aromatic herbs crepes
June: Sandwich omelette with aromatic herbs
July: Rhubarb crumble
August: Green peppercorns burger with sage
September: Chili and Cantaloupe jam
October: Vichyssoise
November: Egg & bacon with avocado and cress
December: Mandioc bread with Jalapeno

Pain aux raisins (French raisin buns)3. Best recipe prepared from other blogs

The delicious Pain aux raisins, French buns with raisins and custard.

20 appetizers4. Best meal of the year

The 20 appetizers lunch.

Lemon grass5. New things discovered in the year

This year I learned how to harvest lemon grass and use it in many recipes. Read all lemon Grass recipes.

I also learned how to cook a really quick chutney

6. Best (translated) post or picture for each month or year

Herbal Portuguese loafJanuary's picture: Herbal Portuguese loaf

The post: Sowing fenugreek

Bode OrangeFebruary's picture: Chili peppers reality show: Bode Orange

The post: Harvesting lemon grass

Rolled sandwich with Russian saladMarch's picture: Rolled sandwich with Russian salad

The post: Watching the little dark chili plants

Earth dayApril's picture: A flower for Earth day

The post: Chives garlic division

RhubarbMay's picture: Rooftop gardening: Rhubarb

The post: Nigella flower

NigellaJune's picture: Nigella seeds

White aubergine flowerJuly's picture: White aubergine flower

The post: A walk between my chili plants

Chili peppers harvestsAugust's picture: Chili peppers harvests

Dandelion flowerSeptember's picture: Dandelion flower

Curry plantOctober's picture: Curry plant

The post: My 2010 ornamental chili peppers

Watermelon radishNovember's picture: Watermelon radish

The post: What is the weight of one cup of...

Czechoslovakian Black flowerDecember's picture: Czechoslovakian Black flower

The post: Winter gardening

7. New blogs discovered

The dancing kitchen
Culinary flavors
Thyme To Garden Now

8. Cooking resolutions for the Year 2011!

I want to cook more pasta and vegetarian quiches.
I hope to harvest, store and manage better all my plants.
Finally, the hardest one to achieve: to teach my two year old son to enjoy fruits and vegetables.

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Erbe in cucina: Best of 2013

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Author: Srivalli (URL)

What a lovely post to read..enjoyed reading through this..thank you for sending this entry!

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first time here,can learn lot from you,.;-)

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