Chives flower
The surprising flowers
Chives flowers can be dried and added to herb mixtures. The surprising flowers: flowers of aromatic herbs, vegetables and spontaneous herbs. Two years ago: Vegetarian burgers with clary sa...

Recipe: Rocket and ricotta spaghetti
Pasta with aromatic herbs
Add a bunch of rocket to your pasta for a summer quick lunch. Rocket and ricotta spaghetti Ingredients Serves two: 140g spaghetti 100g ricotta 1 bunch rocket 200ml tomato sauce 100g di...

WHB #436: The recap
Grazie per le vostre deliziose ricette e informazioni utili! Thank you for all you delicious recipes and useful information! Weekend Herb Blogging è un evento dalla lunga storia, iniziato da Kal...

Recipe: Asparagus quiche with sculpit
Savory pies and pizza with herbs
I'm growing sculpit (aka stridolo or silene) on my rooftop. We ate them raw in salads, added in omelettes, and in this quiche. Asparagus quiche with sculpit Ingredients 250g puff pastry 200...

Mace is the lacy covering of the nutmeg seed. Once dried, it has a spicy flavour and yellowish-orange color.
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