Recipe: Vegetarian chili with herbs
Soups with spices and aromatic herbs
I like chili and I create often new recipes, like this one with yams instead of meat. When I harvested my Longbow leeks, some of them were thin with a big bulb: I used five of them instead of a gar...

Alfalfa flowers
The surprising flowers
This year I'm growing alfalfa: I dried leaves and flowers for herbal teas. Flowers are purple and the plant continues to bloom throughout the summer. The surprising flowers: flowers of aroma...

Summer harvests
Rooftop gardening
Like every summer, it's been difficult to find the time to publish my harvest one by one, so I will post some of them now. Tomatoes have been really satisfying: my favourite was Zukertraube, a swee...

The horseradish is known mainly for its root, but the tender leaves can be eaten too.
Today's picture:
Kiwano (African Cucumber)
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