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(Ita) Il papavero in cucina

(Ita) La senape in cucina

(Ita) Le spezie in cucina

(Ita) Il sesamo in cucina

(Ita) Coltivare la liquirizia

(Ita) Il cumino in cucina

(Ita) Il giardino del collezionista: Senape da seme e da foglie

(Ita) L'anice in cucina

(Ita) Il rabarbaro

(Ita) Lo zenzero in cucina

(Ita) La nigella (cumino nero) in cucina

Licorice flower
The surprising flowers
My plants have emerged from winter dormancy, and for the first time in four years, theyr are also blooming. The surprising flowers: flowers of aromatic herbs, vegetables and...

(Ita) Coltivare l'anice

(Ita) Coltivare e raccogliere le spezie

Rhubarb, year two
Rooftop gardening
The rhubarb from last year sowing finally emerged after winter dormancy, while I started thinking it was dead. Rhubarb should be harvested from third year, but I wanted to try i...

(Ita) Coltivare le proprie erbe aromatiche - Le spezie, 2

(Ita) Coltivare il fieno greco

Saving Nigella Seeds
Saving seeds
Sometimes growing a plant is problematic and disappointing: seeds that doesn't sprout, plants that die young or don't bloom, pests, wind... None of this has happened with nigella ...

Nigella flower
Growing aromatic herbs
I'm growing nigella because I was curious about it. I knew that the nigella (or black onion, or black cumin) seeds are a spice, but I wanted to know how the plants looks. Now my...

(Ita) Coltivare le proprie erbe aromatiche - Le spezie

Nigella and Rhubarb, two newborn plants
Growing aromatic herbs
I have sowed many plants indoor, these are some of the plants that I'm nurturing this winter. Nigella (or black cumin) is used as a spice, its seeds have a light onion aroma. I...

Waiting for licorice
Growing aromatic herbs
Growing licorice is easy, but requires patience. The roots can't be harvested until the third year of growth... this means this autumn for my plants. Every winter licorice leav...

Sowing Fenugreek
Growing aromatic herbs
Testing if the spice seeds from your kitchen are vital, is a good way to save money and try new plants. They'll not germinate always, but it's worth trying. A quick way to test...

Young plants: Carob tree
Enjoy growing
A newborn carob tree. Look also: Young plants: Mirtle Young plants: Licorice

(Ita) Coltivare il lino

(Ita) Coltivare il cumino

(Ita) Coltivare la senape

Spice seeds on the catwalk
My 200th post
I can't believe it, this it the 200th post! As I did for my 100th post, I'll let the pictures talk. This time on the catwalk we have spice seeds: sow them but also add them to y...

Annatto, year two
Growing aromatic herbs
Last autumn my annatto plants lost all their leaves. During winter the tiny naked stems looked really sad, but I keep watering them. Now, new leaves are growing! Annatto should...

Young plants: Licorice
Enjoy growing
Young licorice plant, ready to be transplanted. Read also: Licorice, red mustard and other harvests Licorice flower

Horseradish flower
Growing aromatic herbs
The root of the horseradish should be harvested after a few years. Meanwhile, the plants give me these wonderful and delicate flowers. Cultivar Diablo flowers: This i...

Young plants: Safflower
Enjoy growing
Safflower plants from indoor sowing. Look also: Young plants: Mirtle Young plants: Licorice

Licorice, year two
Growing aromatic herbs
Last year I started to grow some licorice plants: tall stems full of rouded leaves. Licorice root should be harvested on the third year, so I let them be. When in autumn the plan...

Young plants: Sesame
Enjoy growing
Newborn sesame plants. Look also: Young plants: Mirtle Young plants: Licorice

Annatto Spice
Winter sowing
Annatto (Bixa Orellana) or Achiote in Spanish, it's a spice used in South American cooking. I heard of it as ingredient for the puerco pibil, then I found this page: http://www.u...

(Ita) Cartamo, fieno greco e altre nuove nate

(Ita) Coltivare il carvi

(Ita) Coltivare il sesamo

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Parsley seeds
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