Growing Aromatic Herbs

(Ita) Il farinello amaranto - November 30, 2014

(Ita) Aromatiche e ornamentali: il timo serpillo - October 03, 2014

Leek flower - September 25, 2014
The surprising flowers
Some leeks were bolting and I let them grow to see the flowers. They are similar to onion flowers, white and very fragrant. The surprising flowers: flowers of aromatic he...

Alfalfa flowers - August 29, 2014
The surprising flowers
This year I'm growing alfalfa: I dried leaves and flowers for herbal teas. Flowers are purple and the plant continues to bloom throughout the summer. The surprising flowe...

Chives flower - June 25, 2014
The surprising flowers
Chives flowers can be dried and added to herb mixtures. Read also: Cooking with chives. The surprising flowers: flowers of aromatic herbs, vegetables and spontaneous herb...

Coriander flower - May 26, 2014
The surprising flowers
My coriander started to bolting and I took some pictures of its white flowers. A close-up: they look like tiny daisies. Read also: Cooking with coriander Fresh coriande...

(Ita) Il prezzemolo da radice - May 09, 2014

Yellow sweet clover flower - May 04, 2014
The surprising flowers
Every year I grow yellow sweet clover plants to harvest and dry the flowers for my flowers tea, with other aromatic flowers like cinnamon basil, mint, orange flowers. The su...

Herb harvests... appetizers - April 29, 2014
Growing aromatic herbs
Many perennial herbs are ready for the first harvests. I used lovage leaves and stems instead of dill for the recipe Dill and Onion Savory Muffins. My guests loved them, I can't...

(Ita) Quali erbe aromatiche per... le verdure primaverili - April 22, 2014

(Ita) I fiori delle erbe e delle spezie - April 17, 2014

(Ita) Quali erbe aromatiche per... ricette con il cioccolato - April 14, 2014

Orange thyme flowers - April 10, 2014
The surprising flowers
Orange thyme (Thymus Fragrantissimus) is blooming, and now it's full of tiny purple flowers. The surprising flowers: flowers of aromatic herbs, vegetables and spontaneous he...

(Ita) Ricetta: Crema di zucca al coriandolo - April 01, 2014

(Ita) Quali erbe aromatiche per... - March 18, 2014

(Ita) Semina a dimora di erbe aromatiche e spezie - March 15, 2014

(Ita) Quali erbe aromatiche per... i formaggi - March 06, 2014

(Ita) Ricetta: Pasta con crema di pollo alla santoreggia - February 26, 2014

(Ita) Il giardino del collezionista: Conoscere il timo - February 24, 2014

(Ita) Semina protetta di erbe aromatiche e spezie - February 14, 2014

(Ita) Erbe aromatiche a Febbraio - February 07, 2014

(Ita) Coltivare la santoreggia - January 22, 2014

(Ita) Il prezzemolo in cucina - January 15, 2014

(Ita) Aromatiche e ornamentali: la lavanda - January 10, 2014

(Ita) La senape indiana - January 03, 2014

(Ita) Coltivare in terrazzo: cosa coltivare - January 02, 2014

Aromatic herbs and tomatoes harvests in 2013 - December 31, 2013
Harvest and Store
Like every year, I created a collage picture of all 2013 herbs and vegetables harvests from my rooftop. Some pictures are missing, but however, the picture is representative of 201...

(Ita) Quali erbe aromatiche per... pesce e frutti di mare - December 17, 2013

(Ita) Erbe aromatiche per attrarre gli insetti impollinatori - December 15, 2013

(Ita) Quali erbe aromatiche per... verdure autunnali e invernali - December 04, 2013

(Ita) La mizuna (senape giapponese) - November 21, 2013

November gardening tips: autumn tasks - November 11, 2013
Rooftop gardening
This September I sowed some spring onion, and yesterday I added some soil to blanche them. I already talked of onion blanching in the post Ishikura Bunching Onion. This is Hambe...

(Ita) La sanguisorba (salvastrella) - November 06, 2013

Licorice, red mustard and other harvests - October 21, 2013
Harvest and store
Growing licorice it's a matter of patience: for the first three years you just have to water and wait. From the third year, during autumn, you can harvest roots and stolons (horiz...

Calamint and balm in New York - October 18, 2013
Aromatic herbs around the world
High Line Park in New York is a beautiful park built on a section of the elevated former railroad. It's still being expanded, but absolutely worth visiting: the plants were plan...

(Ita) L'anice menta - October 17, 2013

(Ita) Coltivare la melissa - October 01, 2013

(Ita) Aromatiche e ornamentali: la salvia coccinea - September 25, 2013

(Ita) Aromatiche e ornamentali: la monarda citriodora - September 11, 2013

Lemon Bergamot flower - July 26, 2013
The surprising flowers
Despite the small size of the leaves, the Lemon Bergamot flowers are huge and very fragrant: the aroma is reminiscent of lemon, but with a spicy component. I'm harvesting an...

A myrtle tree - July 13, 2013
Aromatic herbs around the world
I found this incredible myrtle tree in the Jardim Botânico in Lisbon. For those who did not believe, a close-up of the nameplate. My myrtle plant is five years old and le...

Sculpit flower - July 06, 2013
The surprising flowers
I harvested sculpit for a month, but now the plants are bolting. It has small clusters of white flowers that wither after a few days. The surprising flowers: flowers of a...

Recipe: Purslane salad with sesame seeds - July 03, 2013
Salads with aromatic herbs
Green purslane was born spontaneously in this empty container, and I harvested many broad and fleshy leaves. With some magenta spreen and toasted sesame seeds I prepared a quick...

Vervain flower - July 01, 2013
The surprising flowers
I always try new aromatic herbs, and this spring I planted vervain, an herbal tea. The plant is bloomed with tiny pink and fragrant flowers. I used vervain flowers and le...

Calamint flower - June 19, 2013
The surprising flowers
After many years of absence, the calamint self seeded as a surprise in my balcony. I transplanted into a pot of his own, and I already harvested many leaves. Last week the ...

(Ita) Il giardino del collezionista: Come il prezzemolo - May 09, 2013

(Ita) Quali erbe aromatiche per... carne e pollame - April 22, 2013

(Ita) Coltivare la maggiorana - April 17, 2013

(Ita) La portulaca invernale (lattuga dei minatori) - March 29, 2013

Last winter harvests - March 21, 2013
Rooftop gardening
On my rooftop many plants sown last autumn are giving the last harvest. These are the last carrots: red carrots. They are red-pink on the outside, with a bright white core. L...

(Ita) Semine invernali: erbe aromatiche, pomodori e altro... - March 15, 2013

Mizuna flower - February 16, 2013
The surprising flowers
I let mizuna bloom to harvest the seeds for the next autumn sowing. Mizuna flowers and buds looks like mustard ones. The surprising flowers: flowers of aromatic herbs, ve...

Aromatic herbs and chili harvests in 2012 - December 31, 2012
Harvest and Store
I created a collage with all the photos taken at the various harvests of herbs, chilies and vegetables throughout the last year. Many harvests are not been photographed and so are ...

(Ita) La borragine - December 13, 2012

(Ita) Erbe aromatiche a Dicembre - December 07, 2012

(Ita) Il cerfoglio - November 30, 2012

Young plants: Alexanders - November 23, 2012
Growing aromatic herbs
I started to think that the alexanders seeds were not viable, when I finally saw several seedlings. Alexanders takes its name from Alexander the Great, and was once widespre...

(Ita) L'erba stella (minutina) - November 21, 2012

(Ita) L'acetosa - November 14, 2012

Aromatic Herbs in November - November 09, 2012
Growing aromatic herbs
It's a warm autumn, many aromatic herbs are still producing fresh leaves, and some are even blooming. The chervil sowed the last month is ready to be harvested. Chervil has a f...

(Ita) L'elicriso liquirizia - November 05, 2012

Autumn herbs - October 29, 2012
Growing aromatic herbs
Very satisfied by autumn crops in previous years, this fall I decided to grow many herbs and vegetables. The sowing of September and October was challenging, but a look at the pla...

Young plants: Chopsuey - October 23, 2012
Rooftop gardening
I'm growing again some chopsuey plants. They're growing slower than other oriental greens, but will produce soon crisp and slightly sour leaves, to be eaten raw or stir-fried. ...

Herbs autumn harvest - October 21, 2012
Growing aromatic herbs
The weather remains quite hot and I'm still harvesting all varieties of basil, thyme, sage and white mint. Soon all the herbs planted in September will be ready for the first harve...

Young plants: Chervil - October 17, 2012
Growing aromatic herbs
I bought some chervil seeds, and I sowed them in a large container large enough. After 10 days from sowing all the seeds have sprouted. Chervil has a delicate flavor simila...

Lavender flowers in Dublin - September 29, 2012
Aromatic herbs around the world
I spent a few days in a surprisingly sunny Dublin, enjoying the food rich in flavor and the excellent beer, and walking around the streets. In the beautiful park of the Dublin c...

Chives garlic flower - September 20, 2012
The surprising flowers
Chives garlic is a plant similar to chives, with more intense flavor and more resistant to unfavorable climates such as the summer heat and winter cold. When the summer ends, ch...

My summer harvest - September 16, 2012
Rooftop gardening
It was a busy summer, and I didn't publish almost anything about my harvest. I harvested aromatic herbs, renewing my stock of sage, mint, marjoram, thyme and other herbs. I c...

Pennyroyal flowers - July 06, 2012
The surprising flowers
I sowed pennyroyal two years ago, and every summer since then it reborns in my pots on the balcony. I use it fresh in many dishes and dried for my mint tea. It has small pin...

(Ita) Il giardino del collezionista: I tanti volti della salvia - June 28, 2012

Scarlet sage flower - June 19, 2012
The surprising flowers
This spring I planted scarlet sage (or tropical sage) and it has grown very fast. It has a more delicate flavor than other varieties of sage, large leaves and beautiful red flowers...

The harvest begins - June 04, 2012
Rooftop gardening
The temperature has risen a few degrees, and the harvests get more interesting. I checked the kitchen shelves to see what herbs are finished or need to be replaced. Sage, marjor...

Wild garlic flower - May 04, 2012
The surprising flowers
A wild garlic plant infests my pots on the balcony, I tried many times but I can never get rid of it. I don't know which variety of garlic it is, but while the stem and bulb...

(Ita) Il crescione in cucina - April 21, 2012

Spring harvests - April 02, 2012
Harvest and Store
The spring was early this year, and the plants are already well developed at the beginning of April. So I hade the the first spring harvests and last winter ones. I harvested so...

Winter Sowings - March 01, 2012
Rooftop gardening
I sowed chilies, tomatoes and aubergines a couple of weeks ago, and the tomatoes are always the first to sprout. This is the Mortgage Lifter tomato, called so because it helped ...

(Ita) Riprodurre la salvia - February 01, 2012

(Ita) Erbe aromatiche a Gennaio - January 26, 2012

Cooking with Oregano - January 15, 2012
Cooking with Aromatic Herbs
Oregano (Origanum vulgare) is widely used in Mediterranean cuisine, and is often associated with pizza. It has a warm, strong aroma, and it's used mainly as a dried herb. It's us...

(Ita) Coltivare il crescione - January 03, 2012

(Ita) Erbe aromatiche e ortaggi: coltivare senza sprechi - January 02, 2012

Aromatic Herbs in October - October 06, 2011
Growing aromatic herbs
The weather remains warm, and my aromatic herbs finally kissed by the rain offer new harvests. In October some of the herbs sowed last month have already been born, although I must...

Aromatic Herbs in September - September 14, 2011
Growing aromatic herbs
The summer is ending and many herbs have finished their annual life cycle, or are about to complete it, while many others free from excessive heat produces tender and large leaves....

Cooking with Aromatic Herbs - September 08, 2011
Cooking with Aromatic Herbs
I created this blog to share my experiences on aromatic herbs, how to grow and use them. A year ago I started a new serie of posts, describing briefly each aromatic herb and provid...

(Ita) Erbe aromatiche ad Agosto - August 05, 2011

Aromatic and Spontaneous Herbs on Nebrodi Mountains - July 30, 2011
Aromatic herbs around the world
I spent a pleasant weekend in the Nebrodi mountains, relaxing and strolling in the countryside, especially in the Bosco di Malabotta Nature Reserve, located between Nebrodi and Pel...

Aromatic Herbs, Chilies and Tomatoes Harvest - July 25, 2011
Harvest and Store
During summer I spend almost every weekend to harvest and store, and I must say that this year my organization is filling me with satisfaction. The herbs harvest continues, thes...

Aromatic Herbs and Vegetables from pot to plate - July 18, 2011
Rooftop gardening
Tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers are ripening in large quantities, aubergines are ready and aromatic herbs are on their top. I harvest them a couple of times a week to avoid waste. ...

The surprising flowers - July 13, 2011
Enjoy growing
Under the title The surprising flowers I have published a series of flowers of aromatic herbs or vegetables, flowers of spontaneous herbs and other flowers that you do not expect. ...

Cooking with Basil - July 07, 2011
Cooking with Aromatic Herbs
Basil (Ocimum basilicum) leaves has a warm and spiced flavour and are used fresh, mainly in Mediterranean cuisine. It's the main ingredient of the Italian Pesto Alla Genovese, a...

Aromatic Herbs in July - July 06, 2011
Growing aromatic herbs
With the the increasing heat of summer many aromatic herbs are bolting, their leaves becomes different in shape and aroma, and shouldn't be harvested anymore. Pennyroyal can be ...

Milk thistle Flower - July 01, 2011
The surprising flowers
Knowing my curiosity in herbs, a friend gave me the some milk thistle seeds, and I admit that I have sown it without a very clear idea of what to do with it. Watching it grow, I c...

The collector's garden - June 19, 2011
Enjoy growing
I must confess that I yield to the mania of collecting, in choosing the seeds to plant: varieties of mint, basil in different colors and wonderful aromas, vegetables of unusual col...

Aromatic Herbs in June - June 07, 2011
Growing aromatic herbs
It's not too hot, and many aromatic herbs seems to enjoy it. It's time to harvest & store, see the post: Storing Sage Storing Rosemary Storing Thyme Storing Dandelion Buds ...

Cooking with Rosemary - May 26, 2011
Cooking with Aromatic Herbs
Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) leaves can be used fresh or dried. The flowers are consumed fresh, mainly as a garnishment. It's very common in italian cuisine, and it's used on...

Borage flowers - May 23, 2011
The surprising flowers
Borage grows as a weed in my father's garden, from time to time I go to harvest some and every time I plan to cultivate a few plants. The flowers are small and collect them from...

(Ita) Il giardino del collezionista: Tutti i profumi del basilico - May 13, 2011

Aromatic Herbs in May - May 05, 2011
Growing aromatic herbs
It's an unusual May here in Sicily, cold and rainy, and all aromatic herbs are late: seeds take a long time to germinate, and perennial plants are recovering slowly. I cross my ...

Cooking with Lemon Balm - April 14, 2011
Cooking with Aromatic Herbs
Lemon balm (Melissa officinalis) leaves have a delicate flavour, similar to lemon and mint. They are used for teas, ice-creams, jellys but also salads and soups, aromatic oils and ...

Aromatic Herbs in April - April 10, 2011
Growing aromatic herbs
Aromatic herbs during April offers small harvests, and requires water and some care. Dandelion has new tender leaves, that can be eaten raw during spring. I sowed some more C...

(Ita) Coltivare l'origano - April 02, 2011

Cooking with Chives - March 27, 2011
Cooking with Aromatic Herbs
Chives (Allium schoenoprasum) is an aromatic herb with an delicate onion aroma. It's used fresh in salads, pasta, omelettes, sauces, with fish and seafood. Chives is one of t...

(Ita) Erba limone: cedrina, citronella, cedronella? - February 28, 2011

(Ita) Riprodurre la menta - February 21, 2011

(Ita) Pout-pourri con erbe aromatiche - February 14, 2011

Cooking with Sage - February 12, 2011
Cooking with Aromatic Herbs
Sage (Salvia Officinalis) leaves are used fresh or dried with cheese, mushrooms, pork, teas, stuffing, soups. When dried, their aroma becomes stronger. Sage flowers are used fresh...

Cooking with Thyme - January 26, 2011
Cooking with Aromatic Herbs
Thyme (Thymus vulgaris) is used fresh or dried in Mediterranean and Arab cuisine. Is often used with meats, fish, cheese, eggs and tomatoes, in stews and soups. It's also used in h...

Cooking with Savory - January 03, 2011
Cooking with Aromatic Herbs
Summer savory (Satureja hortensis) and Winter savory (Satureja montana) leaves can be used fresh or dried. Savory has a spiced aroma, and it's used on beans, sausages, stews, ch...

(Ita) Coltivare l'aglio cinese (Nira) - December 08, 2010

Cooking with Dill - November 30, 2010
Cooking with Aromatic Herbs
Dill (Anethum graveolens) is used in many traditional dishes from North and Central Europe. Dill leaves are used raw in pickles, sauces and salads. They can be dried, but they wil...

Cooking with Mint - November 03, 2010
Cooking with Aromatic Herbs
Mint (Mentha sp.) leaves are used fresh or dried in teas, cakes, jellys. Their fresh aroma is also perfect with lamb or soups, in sauces, aromatic vinegars, vegetables. White Mi...

White Mint Flower - October 05, 2010
The surprising flowers
I've grown White Mint for many years, but it never bloomed before... what a surprise! The surprising flowers: flowers of aromatic herbs, vegetables and spontaneous herbs...

Cooking with Coriander - September 29, 2010
Cooking with Aromatic Herbs
Coriander or Cilantro (Coriandrum sativum) leaves looks similar to parsley, but they have a completely different flavour: strong and lemon-like. Corianer leaves are used raw in ...

Cooking with Marjoram - September 15, 2010
Cooking with Aromatic Herbs
Marjoram leaves are similar to oregano, but with a sweeter, spiced aroma. Marjoram is perfect with cheese, walnuts and mushrooms. It can be used fresh or dried, in salads, meat ...

Rosemary Flowers - September 05, 2010
The surprising flowers
My rosemary plant is blooming, and has tiny pink flowers. The surprising flowers: flowers of aromatic herbs, vegetables and spontaneous herbs. The herbs world is huge and...

Dandelion flower - September 01, 2010
The surprising flowers
The dandelion is all edible: roots, leaves, buds... and flowers, that can be added to salads for a brilliant splash of color. Looking at this picture, do you have any doubts? ...

Hyssop Flowers - July 31, 2010
The surprising flowers
I sowed the hyssop to harvest it, but I must admit that I chose to leave the flowers on the plant instead, because I like how they look. See you soon, have a great holid...

Dark Opal Basil Flowers - July 21, 2010
The surprising flowers
Since last summer the header of this blog are some Cinnamon Basil Flowers: many basil cultivar have gorgeous purple and pink flowers. Dark Opal Basil has amazing dark purple leave...

Wild thyme flowers - July 15, 2010
The surprising flowers
More surprising flower from aromatic herbs: this is a plant of wild thyme full of tiny purple flowers. The surprising flowers: flowers of aromatic herbs, vegetables and spon...

Wild Clover Flower - July 09, 2010
The surprising flowers
Another surprising flower: a wild clover that every year selfseeds in my rooftop, with white flowers tinged with pink. The surprising flowers: flowers of aromatic herbs, veg...

Rhubarb, tinda, papalo & quilquina - May 27, 2010
Growing aromatic herbs
Some details of the plants that I'm growing for the first time on my rooftop this year. This is the papalo (or Papaloquelite), a Mexican herb used in sauces and salads. The p...

Sand storm on the rooftop - May 22, 2010
Rooftop gardening
The wind is bringing some sand from the Sahara to my rooftop, and it's damaging the plants. Look at the Cascabel chili: I had never seen anything like that! This is a Papalo ...

(Ita) Coltivare l'issopo - May 14, 2010

A walk between my herb pots... - March 21, 2010
Growing aromatic herbs
Spring is finally here, and my herb pots are full of green sprouts. I sowed fenugreek in January and now it's blooming. I can't believe that arugula (rocket) in a pot will gi...

(Ita) Coltivare le proprie erbe aromatiche - Le varietà - February 04, 2010

Flowers on my stairs - January 19, 2010
Enjoy growing
Last spring I sowed some French marigold flowers in the chilies pots. The flowers were a coloured spot during summer and autumn. Seeds went everywhere... and yesterday I found a ...

(Ita) Coltivare le proprie erbe aromatiche - Le esotiche - January 17, 2010

(Ita) Coltivare le proprie erbe aromatiche - Le ricercate - January 03, 2010

(Ita) Coltivare le proprie erbe aromatiche - Le delicate - December 27, 2009

(Ita) Coltivare le proprie erbe aromatiche - Le saporite - December 17, 2009

(Ita) Coltivare le proprie erbe aromatiche - Le classiche - December 08, 2009

(Ita) Coltivare la portulaca - December 01, 2009

Weed's Crusade - November 25, 2009
Enjoy growing
I always tried to defend weeds, in a sort of weed's crusade, and this post is meant to be an index of all information about spontaneous herbs published on this blog. Weeding is ...

Autumn coriander - November 18, 2009
Autumn Sowing
Look at this picture... the brown stem is the last plant of cinnamon basil, almost died, and there are two young spontaneous plants. They seem familiar... and their aroma confirme...

Autumn flowers: Nira and Wood Sorrel - October 12, 2009
Growing aromatic herbs
Finally the Chives Garlic (or Nira) started to bloom. I hope that these gorgeus little flowers will become seeds, because I want more plants of this delicious aromatic herb. Nira ...

(Ita) Riprodurre il rosmarino - September 18, 2009

(Ita) Divisione dei cespi di erba cipollina - September 15, 2009

Autumn sprouts on the catwalk - September 10, 2009
My 300th post
The 300th post is arrived. On the catwalk this time we have the autumn sprouts. The chervil is ready to be harvested. Chervil Recipes It will take longer for the turnip to...

Don't Smell the Holy Basil - September 09, 2009
Aromatic herbs around the world
Watching some pictures from a trip to India for the post Announcing It's a Vegan World - Indian I find a picture that I forgot to publish here. It's the Holy Basil from Bikaner....

(Ita) Un prato di erba medica - July 20, 2009

A butterfly on Marigold - July 13, 2009
Growing aromatic herbs
I was taking pictures of my pots, when a butterfly stopped on my French marigold flowers. I had the camera in my hands so... look at the picture and the close-up. On the Ca...

(Ita) Coltivare il tarassaco - June 24, 2009

Cinnamon Basil Flowers - June 17, 2009
Growing aromatic herbs
Cinnamon basil flowers are beautiful and their aroma is incredible… as you can see, I choose them as the new background of my blog. Read also The surprising flowers: flowers o...

(Ita) Coltivare il meliloto (trifoglio giallo) - June 12, 2009

Young plants: Oregano - June 07, 2009
Growing aromatic herbs
Oregano emerges from winter dormancy. Look also: Young plants: Mirtle Young plants: Licorice

Summer is almost there... a walk in the garden - May 26, 2009
Growing aromatic herbs
I have transplanted basil last week, and now it started to produce bigger leaves. I will harvest some of them soon. Last year I started from cutting this lavender plant. This sp...

Clover and other spontaneous flowers - May 17, 2009
Weed's crusade
I talk often of the so-called weeds, in my personal crusade in their defence. They grow spontaneous in my pots, let's see some of their flowers. This is the first year I harves...

(Ita) Coltivare il basilico Thai - May 10, 2009
Pasta with aromatic herbs

Blooming time: white mustard, coriander and chamomile - April 22, 2009
Growing aromatic herbs
Many plants and herbs started to bloom, so I decided to show them today because it's Earth Day... and because today my baby is four months old. I wish a beautiful and sunny day to ...

Requiem for the bay tree - April 20, 2009
Growing aromatic herbs
The dead tree with brown leaves on the left was my bay tree. Maybe you can't see from the picture, but it was really gigantic. It died during winter, and now it will be cut. Fr...

Chamomile, first harvest - March 12, 2009
Harvest and Store
The chamomile is selfseeding, and every years it grows spontaneus in my pots. Today I harvested the first flowers. The harvest will continue for a couple of months, and aft...

It's raining on mint - October 03, 2008
Growing aromatic herbs
It's raining, and some plants are not doing well. Instead, all mint plants are recovering from summer heat, and start to produce new, tender leaves. Look at this generous White M...

(Ita) Nepetella e nepeta cataria - July 26, 2008

(Ita) Coltivare il basilico cannella - July 24, 2008

Surprise balm from last year sowing - July 17, 2008
Growing aromatic herbs
Last year I seeded an entire garden bed with balm, but it never sprouted. So I bought the plant that you can see in my gallery, and I enjoyed it. This summer I was weeding the s...

(Ita) Prezzemolo in fiore - July 06, 2008

Harvesting autumn dill - June 06, 2008
Saving seeds
Last september I sowed dill and coriander, I've got fresh leaves all winter, and in spring they're bloomed. Now -late spring- dill seeds are ready to be harvested, and soon ...

Be Nice to Nettles - May 14, 2008
Weed's crusade
Today begins the Be Nice to Nettles Week (14 - 25 May 2008). I would like to be nice... if cooking with love something can be considered being nice but here in Sicily in May nettl...

(Ita) Coltivare il basilico - May 10, 2008

Catnip is born - April 05, 2008
Growing aromatic herbs
All plants from January indoor sowing have been transplanted in the garden. I sow them on January, 15 and I was thinking that was late for other sproutings. However, these ...

Spring buds - April 03, 2008
Growing aromatic herbs
My chamomile plants started to grow high, and the first flower buds appeared. The coriander sprouted in September has grown, and now it is starting to bloom. Autumn sowing was ...

Spontaneous chamomille - April 01, 2008
Growing aromatic herbs
Yesterday I was harvesting the chives and I find out this: It looks like the chamomile I planted last year. I don't know how the wind could bring some seeds up there. It is...

Winter sowing planting dates - March 27, 2008
Winter sowing
I think I'm done with the indoor seeding, next time will be my first outdoor sowing. Planting dates for this winter adventure: Jan 15: garlic sprouted Jan 22 dill sprouted Ja...

Young plants: Mirtle - March 17, 2008
Growing aromatic herbs
Young and tiny mirtle plant. Look also: Young plants: Chervil Young plants: Licorice

(Ita) Il risveglio del trifoglio - March 10, 2008

(Ita) Coltivare l'erba cipollina - March 01, 2008

(Ita) Coltivare l'aneto - February 24, 2008

(Ita) La camomilla dell'anno prima - February 23, 2008

(Ita) Santoreggia viola? - February 18, 2008

(Ita) Dalle semine autunnali... raccolti d'inverno - January 04, 2008

(Ita) Coltivare la camomilla - October 15, 2007

(Ita) Coltivare il coriandolo - October 14, 2007

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