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November 17, 2010

MeasuresThe official cup is (*):
1 cup = 250 ml

For all liquid ingredients:
1 cup of water = 250 ml
1 cup of milk = 250 ml
and so on.

FlourThings get complicated for the solid ingredients:

1 cup flour = 125g
1 cup whole wheat flour = 120g
1 cup sugar = 200g(about 220g brown sugar)
1 cup butter = 200g
1 cup honey = 350g

Riso basmati1 cup rice = abour 200g (it depends on the type of rice)
1 cup walnuts or pecans = 100g
1 cup almonds = 150g
1 cup raisins = 150g
1 cup cranberries = 110g
1 cup jam = about 220g (it depends on the type of jam)
1 cup pumpkin pulp = 245g
1 cup breadcrumbs = 110g
1 cup oatmeal = 90g
1 cup grated parmesan = 225g

VegetablesSliced vegetables can be also measured in cups, the best thing here is to use common sense, but to get an idea:

1 cup diced celery = about 4 stalks
1 cup julienned carrots = about 120g
1 cup diced cucumber = about half cucumber
1 cup peas = about 100g

Please consider that there are too many variations to estabilish an exact conversion for most of then ingredients, however this guide should help you.

Read also: Erbe in Cucina: Measures Converter

(*)The Metric cup is 250ml, and measures in this guide refer to this measure.
The US legal cup is is slightly less, 240ml.
There is also the Japanese cup of 200ml

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