Appetizers with aromatic herbs

Appetizers with aromatic herbs

Appealing in presentation as in the aroma, appetizers and sandwiches with aromatic herbs will be a pleasure for all the senses.
I was too busy to write new posts, at work but also with the project 20 appetizers: a lunch with only appetizers, that we all enjoyed yesterday. You know some of the [...]
Rocket and dill have both a delicate aroma with some mild pungency. A guest who doesn't ever eat raw vegetables surprised me asking for another of this roll-ups! I harvested [...]
Savory mousses can be prepared the day before and stored in the fridge covered with a plastic wrap. Guests always enjoyed them, so I created this tuna mousse with parsley and [...]
The basil from my rooftop is now exhausted, full of flowers and with only few, tiny leaves. I used one of the latest harvests of fresh basil leaves for this muffins with [...]
Many of you loved the Manakish, so have a look at this lebanese recipe, that is usually served with those arab pizza: labneh, a yogurt seasoned with aromatic herbs. You can also [...]
Dill is one of my favourite herbs, and its aroma is perfect on these quick appetizers. Potato rosti with dill Ingredients 300g potatoes 2 sprigs of dill olive [...]
We took the healthy habit of having something light and healthy for dinner, preferably raw or cooked vegetables, and I love to stack slices of ingredients to create multilayered [...]

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