The 12 first courses lunch

Aromatic herbs menus
March 14, 2011

A year away from the 20 appetizers lunch, at the request of the guests and driven by my unhealthy enthusiasm for these consuming projects, last sunday I had the 12 first courses lunch: a lunch made with twelve pasta, rice, crepes and so on dishes.

The 12 first coursesPrepare 12 first courses is much more complex than 20 appetizers, I needed careful planning to serve them hot and I worked the entire afternoon the day before and all morning.

Aromatic herbsI started harvesting the aromatic herbs: almost all recipes use my herbs, fresh or stored during the summer: pennyroyal, mint, curley leaf parsley, sage, rosemary...

The 12 first coursesI will publish all the recipes during the next weeks, with some tips and advices.

1. Rustic Pasta with Poppy Seeds
2. Crepes with artichokes and parsley
3. Green Rice with Winter Pesto
4. Gnocchi Skewers with Almonds and Sage
5. Salmon Pasta Roll-Ups with Pink Sauce
6. Yellow Biriani with Mint and Walnuts
7. Crepes Pie with Pancetta and Rosemary
8. French Onion Soup
9. Lasagna with Broccoli, Shrimps and Pennyroyal
10. Couscous Verrines with Chicken and Coriander
11. Cajun Rice with Thyme
12. Stuffed Paccheri with Marjoram

At the end I was destroyed and satisfied, and when the guests asked me if next year I will organize a lunch made ​​of main courses, I trembled.
My partner shrugged and said he is waiting... for the 12 (or even 50) desserts lunch!

(EDIT) 2012 menu: The miniatures lunch

Potato Rosti with DillThree years ago:

Potato Rosti with Dill

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The 20 appetizers lunch
Aromatic herbs menus
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Author: Marika

non ci posso credere...una faticaccia, ma che soddisfazione. Bellissimi i primi piatti (che amo molto)come posso fare, se lo permetti,per copiare le ricette per la mia raccolta? Sono troppo interessanti.
...anch io aspetto il pranzo dei dolci....

Author: Graziana

Ciao Marika, il pranzo di dolci resterà nei sogni del mio partner, almeno per il momento.
Per il pranzo di quest anno ho già in mente la tematica... è altrettanto logorante, altrimenti non mi diverto abbastanza!
Segui i link alle ricette che ti interessano, ci sono tutti i dettagli.

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