May gardening tips: Harvesting aromatic herbs

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May 26, 2013

During May and it's time to harvest and store aromatic herbs.

Mediterranean herbsEvery year I harvest the herbs for my Mediterranean Aromatic Mixture: in the picture rosemary, scarlet sage, sage and thyme. I will add many other herbs during the summer.

SavoryLast autumn I sowed some winter savory, and I harvested a bunch of leaves to dry them. They have a pungent and slightly wild aroma, perfect for fish, eggs, legumes.
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CalamintCalamint is a spontaneous herb with aroma similar to that of the savory, just wilder and less sophisticated. I used with mushrooms and cheese.

Sweet cloverSweet clover is another spontaneous plant, that I grow for its flowers. They are tiny, yellow and aromatic and I dry them to prepare herbal teas.

All herbs are dried in a similar manner: wash and dry well on a kitchen towel, then place in a dry place away from direct sunlight.

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SculpitSculpit is another spontaneous plant that I sowed this spring, with pointed, slightly fleshy leaves, to be eaten fresh or cooked like in the sculpit omelette.

Magenta spreenMagenta spreen is a new herb that I'm trying this year: the young leaves are bright magenta, and then turn to green. We used this first harvest in some cheese sandwiches.

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