The collector's garden: Deep purple beetroots

The collector's garden
January 18, 2014

BeetrootsGrowing beetroots in your garden will give you a lot of satisfaction.
There are many varieties of beetroots, usually with deep purple roots, but also of different colors.

ChioggiaChioggia is astonishing, with amazing red and white rings. It's sweet, with red and green leaves.

CheltenhamCheltenham has purple roots, it's tender and very sweet.
It has purple leaves, green on the top, with red stems.

CylindraCylindra has long roots, and because of its cylindrical shape it can be grown in small spaces, or even in pots.
It has dark purple roots, and tasty purple stems.

EgyptianEgyptian beetroots have purple leaves and big purple roots.

Cracker rosa

Cooking with beets

Beets are very sweet, and every part is edible, roots, leaves and stems.

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The collector s gardenThe collector's garden

There are many variations of well known plants: new colors, different aromas, specific forms... why grow always the usual crops?

The collector's garden: Gotta catch em all!

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