Recipe: Herb moon fritters with lavender

Fritters with aromatic herbs
July 19, 2008

Yesterday it was the herb moon (July full moon), but I got home late from work and I didn't have enough time for cooking. So I prepared an iced lemonade, and chose herb fritters instead of the traditional herbs biscuits with lavender. We enjoied them on the rooftop, under a gorgeous full moon.
I wanted to cut them with a half-moon shaped biscuit cutter, but I chose to shape them like the full moon (well, I must admit that I didn't remember where my biscuit cutters were, so I used a glass).

Herb moon fritters

Herb moon fritters with lavender

250g pizza dough
1 tbsp fresh rosemary leaves
3 tbsp fresh lavender leaves

Mince finely the rosemary and lavender leaves, then add to the pizza dough.
Using a rollpin, roll out the dough until 1/2 cm thin. Cut it using a biscuit cutter and fry the fritters in hot oil until golden brown.

Pizza dough recipe (Best Cuisine - Il meglio in cucina).

Robiola fritters with marjoramA similar recipe:

Robiola fritters with marjoram

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Author: naturewitch (URL)

Hi Seemie

These look great! Must try them (well, a wheat free version of). Never heard of the herb moon but will go and google it now - sounds like something I should know about.

love and light

Author: Graziana

Hi naturewitch,
the herb moon is the full moon of July. It s the is the optimal time for harvesting herbs, especially sage, lavender and rosemary.

Author: naturewitch (URL)

Hi Seemie

So for us it would probably be the full moon in January. I tried to find information on the herb moon, but did not come up with anything useful. Thanks xx

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