Recipe: Green purslane salad with oregano

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August 26, 2008

PurslaneGarden or Green Purslane self-seeds in my pots every year. It's a weed, it dies in autumn and emerges in May, growing really fast. I'm always glad to see it again, and its fleshy leaves have been the main ingredient of a different recipe every year.

Like many other weeds, it was used in the past: it's an ingredient of arab recipes like fattoush or fatoush (a lebanese salad), and appears also in european traditional dishes.
Harvesting and washing the leaves may take some time, but try this simple salad recipe, and you'll say it was worth it.

Green purslane salad

Green purslane salad with oregano

1 cup green purslane leaves
aromatic vinegar
olive oil
fresh oreganon flowers

Wash the green purslane leaves.
Season with aromatic vinegar, olive oil, salt and fresh oreganon flowers.

Green Purslane Salad with EggsA similar recipe:

Green purslane salad with eggs

This goes to Katie from Thyme for Cooking who's hosting Weekend Herb Blogging.
This event was started by Kalyn from Kalyn's Kitchen.

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Author: Katie (URL)

If it s a weed, it must be in my garden! I ll have to look for it on the Mairie s list of edible plants he has hanging in his office!

Thanks for the recipe! And new info ;-))

Author: naturewitch (URL)

Thanks for this, Seemie. I m planning to grow some myself this year (we don t have it growing wild, alas!), so will be looking for recipes. xx

Author: Kalyn (URL)

I do like purslane and it s a weed here, but the leaves are much smaller on the variety we have. This sounds like it would taste great!

Author: Graziana

Purslane is a weed, but it needs water and direct sun to produce good quality leaves.
After the first harvest, it will grow again from the roots!

Author: Jude (URL)

Mmm verdolagas. I use tis for Mexican dishes but haven t found any in Chicago lately.

Author: ronco carolina

il mio orto ne e pieno ,non sapevo che si petesse mangiare ,domani la provero

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