My 750th post

July 12, 2011

This is my 750th post, and I had fun creating this collage of icons, one for each post from the very first.

750 post

It's been just over a year from post number 500, I thought to point out the most interesting news of the last 250 posts published since then.

The 12 first courses lunchThe 12 first courses lunch, a menu of twelve first courses: pasta, rice, crepes...

Cooking with Aromatic HerbsA new series of posts: Cooking with Aromatic Herbs. Each post describes briefly an herb and provides curiosity, recipes and tips.

The collector s gardenYou will find my garden collections in the post The collector's garden: coloured carrots, amazing chilies, many different radishes…

The surprising flowersThe surprising flowers: flowers of aromatic herbs or vegetables and flowers of spontaneous herbs that might surprise you.

Coconut Rice with Peanut Butter and Curry PlantTwo years ago:

Coconut Rice with Peanut Butter and Curry Plant

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The collector's garden
Enjoy growing
June 19, 2011

I must confess that I yield to the mania of collecting, in choosing the seeds to plant: varieties of mint, basil in different colors and wonderful aromas, vegetables of unusual colors... So I created The collector's ...

Erbe in Cucina Third Birthday
October 14, 2010

I started this blog three years ago, and I really enjoyed to share my experiences and recipes with you all! Autumn seedlings are already sprouted, and all plants look happy under the rain. With the cold season, ma...

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Author: The Sage Butterfly (URL)

It looks very delicious! We do not have that vegetable here, but I suppose one could use spinach instead.

Author: Graziana

Hi, I think spinach and/or cicory should be fine.

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