August gardening tips: The holidays

Rooftop gardening
August 29, 2011

During the summer the plants grown in containers need to be watered more often than those in the garden, and leave the plants during the holidays can be a problem... this is an easy and cheap trick.

Irrigate during the holidaysSet aside a sufficient number of plastic bottles.
Water the plants, dig a small depression in each container and put a bottle full of water in it, uncorked and upside down.
Pull off the dirt to the bottle neck to stabilize it.
Depending on weather conditions, the plant will be watered for several days.

Remember also to harvest everything that you can: plants will be less stressed and will require less water.
Every year I spend a few days before my holidays to harvest and store, but this year I find out...

Volcanic ash

Etna has erupted a large quantity of volcanic ash. Plants, rooftops and balconies are covered with this black sand.
I spent the morning to clean it and I had filled a 20 liters bucket with it!

HarvestSome harvest pictures: sorrel and rainbow chards, peppers and tomatoes.

EggplantsThe eggplant harvest: Red from Rotonda, Listada de Gambia, the sweet de Almagro.

HarvestTwo Black Aztec Corn ears, a parsnip, two kiwano (african cucumber), one mini pumpkin.

Jack Be LittleThe mini pumpkin Jack be Little: weighs 80g and has very sweet flesh, delicious to fry.
The flowers can be harvested and consumed as zucchini flowers, fried in batter or added to omelets.

Black Aztec CornI tried to grow Black Aztec Corn in the containers but the ears had only a few kernels each.
Fortunately, the plants grown in the ground by my father gave better results.

I will not give up: next year I'll try the mini corn.

ChiliesChili peppers: some unripe Bishop's Hat, Hot Jim, Numex Suave Orange, two big Round of Hungary used in this recipe, green Shishito.

I also harvested many aromatic herbs and some white mint for the Mint Sun Tea.

HarvestThis harvest waited me after the holidays: Aji Amarillo, Sweet Chocolate bell peppers, Jalapenona, Lemon Plum tomatoes and Cherry Black tomatoes.

Tomatoes, kiwano, mini pumpkin, bell peppers, parsnip: 725g
Aubergines: 775g
Chilies: 330g
Sorrel and chards: 70g
Total 1900g (about 4 pounds)
...furthermore, a bucket full of volcanic ash!

This harvest joins to Harvest Mondays.

Cucumber, herbs and poppy seeds saladTwo years ago:

Cucumber, herbs and poppy seeds salad


Author: Allison (URL)

Great idea with the water bottles!

Author: Ale73 (URL)

Bellissimo tutto Graziana!!!!!!

Author: michelle (URL)

Such pretty peppers. I love to grow unusual peppers also. The water bottle trick is great, I m going to have to try it.

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