A chili seed tale

Growing chili peppers
February 22, 2011

I tell this tale to encourage all the chili growers: chilies are strong plants, and they will surprise you!

Quintisho SeedLast month I sowed some chili seeds on scottex paper, as showed in the post chili sowing.

The day after a Quintisho seed showed a dark little root.

SeedAfter ten days with no changes, the root started to grow again.

SeedI left the seed on the paper to watch it, and after 20 days from the sowing the cotyledons started to come out.

SeedThis was the seed after another few days: I sowed in a pot and waited.

QuintishoThe tale have an happy ending: the Quintisho cotyledons aren't perfect, but the plant is alive and kicking!

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Author: Corina (URL)

This is a great blog. I love all the information you ve got on here. I m going to really enjoy browsing and learning.

Author: Graziana

Thank you Corina, I love your aromatic herbs recipes!

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