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October 01, 2009

ItFinally, the round-up day arrived.
It's been an amazing month: I enjoyed receiving all your indian vegan recipes, so thank you all! I've already tried many of them and I can't wait to try them all.

Keerai Sambar - Vazhakkai Mezhukku ParattiLet's start with Preeti Kashyap from the blog Relishing Recipes that cooked two incredible dishes: Keerai Sambar (Spinach Lentil Gravy) and Vazhakkai Mezhukku Paratti (Plantain fry). The first recipe is a quick side-dish, perfect for kids, and the second a tasty dish of fried plantains.

Sambar with Onion and Tomato Chutney - Lal Math BhaajiPari Vasisht from the blog Foodelicious send us two incredible dishes: Sambar with Onion and Tomato Chutney, an elaborate and spiced dish, and Lal Math Bhaaji, a dish made with Lal Math, a red leafy and healthy vegetable.

Aezhu Kari KootuLata Raja from the blog Flavours and Tastes cooked a traditional indian recipe: Aezhu Kari Kootu. It should be prepared with seven vegetables, grown during winter... but why stop at seven?

PongakkozhambuShanthi Krishnakumar from the blog Shanthi krishnakumar's cookbook prepared Pongakkozhambu, a traditional (and really appetizing!) soup prepared for the Pongal festival.

Kala chana chatSandhya Hariharan from the blog Sandhya's Kitchen cooked Kala chana chat, that can be served as a starter... or in a paper cone.

Sprouted Methi Seeds Kuzhambu - Arisi Paruppu SadhamPriyasuresh from the blog Priya's Easy N Tasty Recipes send us two recipes: Sprouted Methi Seeds Kuzhambu, a soup made with sprouted fenugreek seeds, and Arisi Paruppu Sadham (Dal rice) a traditional dish made with basmati rice and toor dal

Tofu BhurjiSweatha from the blog TastyCurryLeaf cooked Tofu Bhurji, a vegan version of the traditional Paneer bhurji.

Stuffed Anaheim peppersJaya Wagle from the blog Jayaspace enjoyed the Stuffed Anaheim peppers her mom was cooking, so she prepared them for her son.

Tangy baby potatoes in Onion cilantro curryAnother entry from Pari Vasisht from the blog Foodelicious: Tangy baby potatoes in Onion cilantro curry, a dish made tangy using the coriander and tamarind.

Ven PongalPJ from the blog Seduce your tastebuds prepared Ven Pongal, a traditional South Indian breakfast dish served at weddings.

Tofu and peas masalaGita Jaishankar from the blog Gita's Kitchen submitted Tofu and peas masala, Black chicpeas curry and Palak Tofu: three tasty vegan treats!

Baingan (Eggplant) MasalaRajee Mani from the blog Everyday Cooking prepared Baingan (Eggplant) Masala, and suggests us how to avoid bitter eggplants.

Eggplant CurryShri from the blog Tasty Touch cooked Eggplant Curry, a dish that she ate since she was a child.

Unripe papaya saladRadha from the blog Urban bites: delizie da Hong Kong welcome us to north-west India with the recipe Unripe papaya salad, with ginger and cilantro leaves.

B-E-A-N-S ADAIGethan from the blog My Tasty Recipes prepared a pancake that she calls B-E-A-N-S ADAI, rich in proteins and taste.

Mung/Moong PakodeKanchan from the blog Kitchen Gossip... used mung dal to prepare Mung/Moong Pakode (Mung Dal Fritters), yum, I love mung dal, I think I will try this recipe soon.

Mava CakeThe foundres of It's A Vegan World, Vaishali from the blog Holy Cow! teaches us how to prepare Mava Cake, delicious cupcakes with the aroma of cardamom.

Potato-bean Kofta with Tomato-cream GravyClaire from the blog Chez Cayenne prepared Potato-bean Kofta, that she served with a Tomato-cream Gravy.

Yellow Biryani with CorianderThis are my entries, Yellow Biryani with Coriander, an aromatic rice dish, and Besan Ka Cheela, similar to crepes or pancakes, but made with besan (chickpeas flour).

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Author: Lata Raja (URL)

That s very neatly rounded up! I have also bookmarked some recipes new to me.Will try soon.One of them is your besan ka cheela, sure!

Author: pari (URL)

Great round up.

Author: Priya (URL)

Excellent roundup..

Author: Vaishali (URL)

Great roundup, Graziana, and such wonderful Indian vegan dishes to try. Thanks for hosting, and thanks to all the participants for their deliciously creative recipes.

Author: Preeti Kashyap (URL)

great round up!

Author: Claire

You got this up so fast! Everything looks awesome, everybody. I have lots of new ideas.

Author: radha (URL)

just amazing,it s one of the best rundups i ve everseen,very much complete & various in taste,colors and texture. i want to try them all! Thank you Graziana :-)

Author: Graziana

Thank you, I loved to host all your recipes, I have learned so much!

Author: Gita Jaishankar

Great roundup many wonderful recipes :)

Author: Gethan (URL)

Good collection of recipes. Just wanted to let you know that the B-E-A-N-S ADAI is a kind of pancake and not a soup. Would be great if you could change this.

Author: Graziana

Sorry Gethan, correction done!

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