WHB #202: Recap

September 28, 2009

The recap day is arrived. We have recipes with ajwain, coriander, parsley, thai basil and we will learn about apples, azuki beans, black pepper, dates, mountain pine, tomatoes.
Thank you all for your entries!

Weekend Herb BloggingWeekend Herb Blogging is an event started by Kalyn from Kalyn's Kitchen and now handled by Haalo from Cook (almost) anything at least once.

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Sticky Date Pudding & Butterscotch SauceAnna of Morsels & Musings writes from Sydney, Australia and baked a Sticky Date Pudding & Butterscotch Sauce, a delicious cake that was popular in Sidney during 90's. She also provides many information about dates.

Tomatillo Salsa with Roasted Green Chile, Cilantro, and LimeThe foundress of WHB, Kalyn of Kalyn's Kitchen prepared Tomatillo Salsa with Roasted Green Chile, Cilantro, and Lime. I wish I had grown tomatillo this year to try it!

Crock pot applesauceKatie of Eat This writes from Haslett, MI and prepared Crock pot applesauce, made with a selection of Gala, Empire, Courtland and Jonathan apples.

Roasted Green Beans and Tomatoes with Parsley PestoPam of Sidewalk Shoes had some frozen Parsley Pesto, and used it in Roasted Green Beans and Tomatoes with Parsley Pesto.

Mountain pine syrup and Mountain pine grappaBrii of Briiblog in english writes from Valsorda, Italy. She told me that she's really busy in this time of the year, but she find the time to prepare Mountain pine syrup and Mountain pine grappa, both perfect for the winter.

Pepper LoreRaji of Sunday afternoons writes from Silicon Valley, California and shares with us her Pepper Lore, an interesting informative post about the Black Pepper.

Sweet Azuki Bean PasteThe WHB handler, Haalo of Cook (almost) Anything at Least Once wrote about azuki beans, a legume similar to black-eyed pea, perfect for the recipe Sweet Azuki Bean Paste.

Coriander RotiSandhya Hariharan from the blog Sandhya's Kitchen shares with us her Coriander Roti, an easy and quick roti recipe that uses fresh coriander and ajwain seeds.

Tomato and Parmesan TartCinzia of Cindystar from Bardolino, Garda Lake, Italy, used her last ripe tomatoes in a Tomato and Parmesan Tart, a delicious savory tart that her children ate in no time.

Corn fritters with slow-roasted tomatoes and fromage blancOne last minute entry: Stash of The Spamwise Chronicles from New York, NY, teaches us how to prepare slow roasted tomatoes, and used them in the recipe Corn fritters with slow-roasted tomatoes and fromage blanc.

Thai Basil PestoThis is my entry, Thai Basil Pesto. I tought that thai basil aroma was too strong for pesto... lucky me that I tried it anyway!

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Recipe: Thai basil pesto
Sauces, dressings and dips with herbs
September 24, 2009

Thai basil has a wilder aroma than regular basil, it tastes of lemon... and it's so productive that often goes out of control. Every year I grow only few thai basil plants: they resist to the bad weather better than oth...

Announcing It's a Vegan World - Indian
September 01, 2009

I always loved indian food, and having the honor to host an edition of It's a Vegan World I had no doubt: it must be the Indian edition. I've been in India a couple of years ago, and I can't forget the colorful market...

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Author: Sandhya (URL)

Thank you for visiting my space Graziana... Wow.. wot a widespread entry!

Author: brii (URL)

ciao graziana!!
great round up! I m eating with my eyes :))
thank s for hosting!
have a nice week, dear.

Author: Stash (URL)

Hi Graziana.

I sent you an e-mail with my entry details. I knew I forgot something last night....

Author: Rajee (URL)

Thats a great round-up Graziana. Making me very hungry :-) Thanks for visiting my blog earlier.

Author: cinzia (URL)

ben fatto, graziana!
è sempre un piacere leggere le novità che ogni WHB porta con sè!
grazie ancora per tutto e buonissima settimana!

Author: Raji (URL)

Hi, Thank you for hosting the event. I had great fun participating in it.

Author: Haalo (URL)

Thank you for hosting Graziana - it s another delicious week!

Author: Anna (URL)

thanks for hosting!

Author: pam (URL)

Great Round Up!

Author: Graziana

Thank you, I enjoyed the whole hosting experience!

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