WHB #250: Recap

September 13, 2010

I'm really proud to host this edition of Weekend Herb Blogging, the 250th, with 11 recipes from all over the world... thank you for all you delicious recipes and useful information!

We have recipes from Australia, Canada, Greece, India, Italy, Usa and we will learn about aubergines, currants, garlic, hatch chili, passionfruit, Turkish eggplant, white eggplant, winter squash.

Weekend Herb BloggingWeekend Herb Blogging is an event started by Kalyn from Kalyn's Kitchen and now handled by Haalo from Cook (almost) anything at least once.

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Turkish Eggplant, Tomato and Lentil Stew with PomegranateOur host for the last week, Janet of The Taste Space from Toronto, Canada, was the first to send us Turkish Eggplant, Tomato and Lentil Stew with Pomegranate, a summer, Mediterranean dish also known as mualle.

Summer Vegetable TianStash of The Spamwise Chronicles writes from New York City, and teaches us another delicious eggplant recipe: Summer Vegetable Tian, a French type of gratin, with tomatoes and zucchini.

Grape spoon sweetJohanna of Food Junkie not Junk Food writes from Athens, Greece, and shows us how to prepare Grape spoon sweet, a Greek sweet treat.

Roasted Hatch Chile and Corn RiceSoma of eCurry writes from Texas, and cooked Roasted Hatch Chile and Corn Rice, with Hatch Chile, a Numex green chile similar to Anaheim.

Passionfruit MarshmallowsAnna of Morsels & Musings writes from Sydney, Australia, wanted to try homemade marshmallows, and prepared these gorgeous Passionfruit Marshmallows.

Garlic RiceMegha of Live to eat!!! writes from Mumbai, India, cooked Garlic Rice, and provides us many useful information about garlic.

Spicy Pork with Cinnamon, Winter Squash, and RaisinsJoanne of Eats Well With Others writes from New York City, where she bought the first winter squash of the season, and enjoyed it in the delicious Spicy Pork with Cinnamon, Winter Squash, and Raisins.

Spotty RichardThe handler of WHB, Haalo of Cook (almost) Anything at Least Once prepared a classic English pudding, Spotty Richard, and provides us many useful information about currants.

Kir RoyalCinzia of Cindystar from Bardolino, Garda Lake, Italy, teaches us the recipe of Kir Royal made with Crème de Cassis, a sweet blackcurrant flavored liqueur.

Sweet aubergine strudelBrii of Briiblog in english writes from Valsorda, Italy and prepared another aubergine recipe, an interesting Sweet aubergine strudel, with nuts, cinnamon and dark chocolate.

White Eggplant OmeletteThis is my entry, White Eggplant Omelette. I love this white eggplants, they're delicate and delicious.

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Author: cinzia (URL)

thank you very much, dear graziana, for this lovely and interesting recap!
happy WHB!

Author: janet (URL)

Love the interesting recipes this week! Thanks for hosting. :)

Author: Stash (URL)

Lots of lovely entries this week! Thanks for having me.

Author: Soma (URL)

Lovely Round up. Thanks a bunch Graziana. A lot of interesting recipes that I would want to try out soon.

Author: haalo (URL)

A deliciously delightful round up Graziana - thank you so much for hosting. So many new ideas too!

Author: Graziana

Thank you all for the recipes and for the hosting opportunity!

Author: brii (URL)

ciao Graziana
thank you for hosting this week s WHB with interesting, new, delicious recipes.

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