Recipe: Causa, a rainbow purée

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October 13, 2009

Causa is a peruvian recipe, that uses local potatoes that can be mashed into colourful puree: red, purple. These puree should be assembled in layers with other ingredients, like olive or tuna oil, for a rainbow effect.
I don't have these potatoes in Italy, and Yasmeen suggested a solution with her Peruvian Causa. She used some tricks and different ingredients to obtain the rainbow layers, like the purple cabbage.

This month I'm hosting Weekend Wokking - Cabbage...

Finally, a few days ago I found a beautiful purple cabbage at the store...

I can't resist anymore!
Look at the result, isn't it astounding?

Causa, a rainbow purée

Causa, a rainbow purée

Boil three potatoes and mash them into a purée.
Assemble the causa from the bottom, with a little patience.

Yellow layer
Mince an onion and two orange mild chilies (I used Numex Suave Orange). Stir fry in a pan with oil.
Mix with 1/3 of purèe and 1 tsp of turmeric.

Purple layer
100g purple layer, finely grated

White layer
Mix 1/3 of purè with 1 tbsp of white yogurth.

Green layer
1 cup of rocket leaves, chopped

Red layer
Mince together 1 peeled tomato, 2 anchovie fillets, 10-15 capers.
Add to the remaining purèe

Garnish with tomato slices, and top with an olive (what, you can't see it in the picture? Well, I don't like olives, but I think it would be perfect on the top of that tower).

Peruvian Chili SauceAnother peruvian recipe:

Peruvian Chili Sauce

Weekend WokkingThis month I'm hosting Weekend Wokking segret ingredient: cabbage.

--- Weekend Wokking Cabbage: The Round-up ---

I'll send this also to Sindhi Rasoi for Link Potato Recipes.
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