Chives flower
The surprising flowers
Chives flowers can be dried and added to herb mixtures. The surprising flowers: flowers of aromatic herbs, vegetables and spontaneous herbs. Two years ago: Vegetarian burgers with clary sa...

Recipe: Rocket and ricotta spaghetti
Pasta with aromatic herbs
Add a bunch of rocket to your pasta for a summer quick lunch. Rocket and ricotta spaghetti Ingredients Serves two: 140g spaghetti 100g ricotta 1 bunch rocket 200ml tomato sauce 100g di...

WHB #436: The recap
Grazie per le vostre deliziose ricette e informazioni utili! Thank you for all you delicious recipes and useful information! Weekend Herb Blogging è un evento dalla lunga storia, iniziato da Kal...

Clary sage leaves and seeds have been used as an ingredient in ointments for the treatment of eye conditions.
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Zavory chili pod
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