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Radish flowers

Marigold petals

Late summer flowers

Nigella seeds

Gardener's Delight tomato

Summer savory flowers

Dill seeds

Cumin seeds

Fenugreek seeds

Coriander seeds

Leek flower

Potato flower

Winter Over onion flower

Recipe: Vegetarian chili with herbs

Alfalfa flowers

Summer harvests

Chives flower

Recipe: Rocket and ricotta spaghetti

WHB #436: The recap

Recipe: Asparagus quiche with sculpit

Coriander flower

Yellow sweet clover flower

Herb harvests... appetizers

Orange thyme flowers

WHB #424: The recap

Recipe: Orange, chocolate and cinnamon muffins

March gardening tips: the harvest

Recipe: Maitre d'hotel butter

Texel flower

Recipe: Tex-mex soup with cilantro

The collector's garden: Deep purple beetroots

Aromatic herbs and tomatoes harvests in 2013

Erbe in cucina: Best of 2013

Homemade balm and mint yogurt

Recipe: Buckwheat naan with cumin

Senshyu yellow Japanese onion

Recipe: Herrings canapes with chervil cheese

WHB #412: The recap

Recipe: Pumpkin savory pie with almonds and ginger

Recipe: Cheese toast with herbs guacamole

November gardening tips: autumn tasks

Recipe: Potato salad with dill vinaigrette

Recipe: Pumpkin and apple soup with ginger

WHB #407: The recap

Licorice, red mustard and other harvests

Recipe: Carrot and basil savory muffins

Calamint and balm in New York

Recipe: Leeks, Brie and aromatic herbs soup

Melrose chili pepper

Recipe: Roasted vegetables chowder with basil

Young plants: Daikon

Recipe: Mediterranean aromatic mixture 2013

Recipe: Creamy soup with gorgonzola and mint

My 1000th post

Recipe: Mint pesto bruschetta

Vizcaino chili pepper

WHB #399: The recap

Recipe: 10 Herbs tea

Recipe: Peas salad with mint

Recipe: Mint hummus with aromatic herbs

Lemon bergamot flower

Recipe: Almonds and tomatoes pesto

Recipe: Watermelon salad with spearmint

A myrtle tree

Recipe: Pesto spaghetti with cherry tomatoes

Sculpit flower

July gardening tips: Summer harvests

Recipe: Purslane salad with sesame seeds

Vervain flower

Recipe: Sculpit omelette with onion gratin

Calamint flower

WHB #388: The recap

Recipe: Rocket and chives spaghetti

May gardening tips: Harvesting aromatic herbs

Recipe: Salmon and poppy seeds appetizers

WHB #380: The recap

Recipe: Baby beetroots omelette

Recipe: Parsnip and Welsh onion soup

Last winter harvests

Recipe: Tuna and thyme bruschetta

Miniature cauliflower

WHB #371: The recap

Mizuna flower

Recipe: Pumpkin, amaretti and sage appetizers

January gardening tips: winter harvests

Aromatic herbs and chili harvests in 2012

Erbe in cucina: Best of 2012

WHB #364: The recap

Recipe: Potato gateau with coriander

King of the North chili flower

Recipe: Avocado and cumin cheese toast

Young plants: Alexanders

November gardening tips: rooftop harvest

Ishikura bunching onion

Aromatic herbs in November

Young plants: Chioggia beetroot

Recipe: Chestnut and seeds loaf

Young plants: Swede

Autumn herbs

Recipe: Chilies in beer batter

Recipe: Pesto without garlic pasta


Herbs autumn harvest

Recipe: Middle Eastern aromatic mixture

Young plants: Chervil

Chilies and aromatic herbs October harvest

Recipe: Peas soup with pesto

Autumn sowings and harvests

Lavender flowers in Dublin

Recipe: Rice salad with paprika and chives

Chives garlic flower

Recipe: Salmon bagel with sorrel

WHB #351: The recap

My summer harvest

Cotton flower

Recipe: Savory pie with sorrel and basil pesto

Recipe: Chili pie with herbs and spices

Pennyroyal flowers

Recipe: Baked pasta with tuna, zucchini and thyme

Recipe: Vegetarian burgers with clary sage

Summer recipes

Scarlet sage flower

Recipe: Baked pasta with peppers and cinnamon basil

The harvest begins

Recipe: Pesto and purslane sandwich

Licorice flower

Recipe: Tarragon Stracciatella (Egg soup)

Zavory Chili

Recipe: Coconut and chocolate cheesecakes with cinnamon

Recipe: Cress and Blue cheese omelette

May gardening tips: harvest promises

Recipe: Strawberry Morning Glory cakes

Bear Claw tomato flower

Recipe: Aromatic French toast

Recipe: Aromatic mini skewers with honey marinade

Young plants: Salsify

Wild garlic flower

Recipe: Mini quiche Lorraine with tarragon

Recipe: Chili con carne with mini tortillas

WHB #330: The recap

Recipe: Mini tortellini pies

Recipe: Danish canapes with thyme

Yellow strawberries

Recipe: Dill and onion savory muffins

The miniatures lunch

Recipe: Cress and shallot soup

Spring harvests

Spring recipes

2011 Chili and vegetables harvests

March gardening tips: spring tasks

Apricot flower

Young plants: Ky pickles

Recipe: Strawberry cake with lavender

Recipe: Aromatic chicken nachos

Winter sowings

Recipe: Soy flour naan with nigella

Recipe: Brussels sprouts with leek and cranberries

Recipe: Rooftop vegetables omelette

Recipe: Nettles gnocchi carbonara

Recipe: Peas soup with ginger

Recipe: Corn bread with aromatic herbs

Chili and vegetables winter harvest

Recipe: Wreath bread with aromatic herbs

Recipe: Aromatic risotto with spumante

Cooking with oregano

Recipe: Aromatic homemade gnocchi

Winter recipes

Recipe: Mediterranean aromatic mixture

Erbe in cucina: Best of 2011

Recipe: Autumn chili

Recipe: Gingerbreadmen

Autumn recipes

Recipe: Onion and chili jam

October gardening tips: Autumn harvest

Spanish chilies

Recipe: Asian aromatic mixture

The collector's garden: Black chilies

Recipe: Black chili powder

Recipe: Sorrel and basil focaccia

Senise chili

Herbal powders for Erbe in Cucina fourth birthday

Recipe: Asian herbs sandwich

Recipe: Chocolate and mint muffins

Recipe: Vegan burger with aromatic herbs

Aromatic herbs in October

Recipe: Pasta Checca sul Rogo

September gardening tips: Harvest & Sowing

Recipe: Peruvian chili sauce

Recipe: Spaghetti with sorrel and basil pesto

WHB #301: Recap

Recipe: Rice salad with fried vegetables

Aromatic herbs in September

Recipe: Chocolate and ricotta plumcake with mint

Recipe: Stuffed sweet peppers

Cooking with aromatic herbs

Picnic recipes with aromatic herbs

Recipe: Fried peppers salad with mint

Recipe: Pizza with pancetta and caliceddi

Recipe: Mint sun tea

Recipe: Stir-fried noddles with shrimp and green soy

August gardening tips: The holidays

Recipe: Cold cucumber soup with mint

Recipe: Basil hummus and tomatoes sandwich

Recipe: Spaghetti with lumpfish caviar and chives

August gardening tips: Harvest festival

Aromatic and spontaneous herbs on Nebrodi Mountains

Recipe: Salad with basil vinaigrette

Recipe: Pickled Jalapenos

Aromatic herbs, chilies and tomatoes harvest

Storing chilies: Hot chili sauces

Recipe: Aubergines and pesto pasta

Recipe: Eggless dandelion pancakes

Aromatic herbs and vegetables from pot to plate

Recipe: Hot fried knots with chives

Storing marjoram

Recipe: Dandelion and yams pies

The surprising flowers

My 750th post

Recipe: Banana and rhubarb muffins

Black Aztec corn flower

Recipe: Couscous salad with cherry tomatoes and aromatic herbs

Cooking with basil

Aromatic herbs in July

July gardening tips: It's harvest time!

Pesto ideas

Milk thistle flower

Recipe: Hot watermelon gaspacho

Recipe: Gnocchi with sorrel and sunflower pesto

Armenian Cucumber on the rooftop

Recipe: Onion muffins with aromatic herbs

Recipe: Canapes with mint and nigella

Caper flowers

The collector's garden

Recipe: Carrot savory pie with fresh coriander

Recipe: Indonesian-style purslane salad

Lemon Plum tomato flower

Recipe: Lemon balm jam

Recipe: Chicken with sorrel sauce

Storing thyme

Beetroots: eat them all

Recipe: Paella parellada with coriander

Aromatic herbs in June

Recipe: Gorgonzola piadina with purslane and aromatic herbs

Recipe: Baked pasta with caliceddi

WHB #285: Recap

Cooking with rosemary

Recipe: Fried rice with mizuna and sesame seeds

Borage flowers

My chilies from previous years

Recipe: Gorgonzola and pesto pasta

Recipe: Pink crackers with poppy seeds

Recipe: Dandelion omelette

Recipe: Chicken souvlaki with honey and aromatic herbs

Recipe: Asparagus bread with sage

Aromatic herbs in May

Recipe: Stuffed Paccheri with marjoram

Rhubarb, year two

Recipe: Cajun rice with thyme

Recipe: Couscous verrines with chicken and coriander

Cooking with lemon balm

Recipe: Lasagna with broccoli, shrimps and pennyroyal

Aromatic herbs in April

Rooftop apricots

Recipe: French onion soup

The collector's garden: Discover radishes

Recipe: Crepes pie with pancetta and rosemary

Recipe: Yellow biriani with mint and walnuts

Recipe: Salmon pasta roll-ups with pink sauce

Cooking with chives

Recipe: Gnocchi skewers with almonds and sage

Recipe: Hushpuppies (Cajun fritters with thyme)

Aromatic herbs in March

Recipe: Green rice with winter pesto

The collector's garden: A rainbow of Habanero

Recipe: Crepes with artichokes and parsley

Recipe: Rustic pasta with poppy seeds

The 12 first courses lunch

Fresno chili

Recipe: Fried tofu with ginger spinach

Recipe: Cauliflower pasta with aromatic herbs

Recipe: Dates with aromatic herbs

Recipe: Gorgonzola and walnuts pasta with marjoram

The collector's garden: Jalapeno for everyone

Recipe: Morning Glory muffins with mint

A chili seed tale

WHB #271: Recap

Recipe: Leek savory pie with ginger

Rawit chili

Recipe: Focaccia with mackerel, thyme and nigella

Recipe: Smoked salmon pasta with curly leaf parsley

Cooking with sage

Recipe: Yams with five Indian spices

Recipe: Breadcrumbs pasta with aromatic herbs

Chili peppers harvests in 2010

Recipe: Minestrone with buck's-horn plantain

Recipe: Wild boar salami canapes with mint

February gardening tips

Recipe: Scrambled eggs with pennyroyal and buck's-horn plantain

Recipe: Apple, walnuts and sage pasta

The collector's garden: Colored carrots

Recipe: Tuna mousse with aromatic herbs

Recipe: Mushroom quiche with pennyroyal

Cooking with thyme

Recipe: Bok choi and nettle omelette

January gardening tips: Indoor sowing

Recipe: Salmon and cress canapes

Recipe: Ethiopian-style legumes soup

Broccoli rabe flower

Recipe: Mushroom boats with shrimps

Recipe: Cress soup with ginger

January gardening tips

Recipe: Rolled turkey with cranberries

Cooking with savory

Erbe in cucina: Best of 2010

All 2010 chilies

Recipe: Mandioc bread with Jalapeno

Czechoslovakian Black chili flower

Recipe: Sage and mint bruschetta

Pimento Piquillo chili

December gardening tips: Winter gardening

Recipe: Cranberries sauce, apple sauce

Recipe: Whole wheat bread with thyme and sage

December gardening tips

Recipe: Muhammara (Hot sauce with walnuts and mint)

Cooking with dill

Recipe: Egg & bacon with avocado and cress

November gardening tips: Time to rest

Recipe: Apple pie with cranberries

Watermelon radish

What is the weight of one cup of...

Recipe: Eggless pumpkin pancakes with cinnamon

French flowers

Recipe: Red chicory risotto with sage

November gardening tips

Recipe: Avocado salad with tuna and paprika

Cooking with mint

Autumn chili peppers

A walk between my aromatic herbs

Crepes and soupes

Recipe: Vichyssoise

My 2010 ornamental chili peppers

Erbe in Cucina third birthday

Colourful sowing in autumn

White mint flower

October gardening tips

Cooking with coriander

Recipe: Basil pesto loaf

Recipe: Scrambled eggs with Thai basil

Recipe: Vegan chili bechamel

Recipe: Chili and Cantaloupe jam

Erbe in Cucina this summer

Recipe: Robiola fritters with marjoram

Chili peppers reality show: the secrets revealed

Recipe: Banana Sweet chili sauce

Recipe: Burger with chili sauce

Cooking with marjoram

Recipe: Herbs omelette with fried green tomatoes

WHB #250: Recap

Rose moss flower

Recipe: White chicken chili

Burger Parade: Homemade burgers

Recipe: White eggplant omelette

Recipe: Tuna and thyme focaccia

Rosemary flowers

September gardening tips

Recipe: Sweet and sour burger with anise

Dandelion flower

Recipe: Yellow tomatoes gaspacho

Recipe: Apple and figs tart

Recipe: Green peppercorns burger with sage

Chili peppers harvests

Hyssop flowers

Recipe: Chicken & chilies paella

Recipe: Tinda (Indian round gourd) curry

Cascabel chili flower

Recipe: Kohlrabi salad, chicory salad

Dark Opal basil flowers

Recipe: Fried white eggplants and tomatoes with pesto

A walk between my chili plants

Recipe: Tex-Mex papalo dip

Wild thyme flowers

Recipe: Lebanese Fatoush (Purslane salad)

July and August gardening tips

Recipe: Rhubarb crumble

Wild clover flower

Recipe: Baked Brie with Provençal herbs

Chili peppers first pods

Chili de Onza

Recipe: Fried egg with coriander

White aubergine flower

Recipe: Zucchini and sage patties

Recipe: Caramelized onions with basil

June gardening tips: The harvest begins

Recipe: Sandwich omelette with aromatic herbs

Saving nigella seeds

Recipe: Duchess potatoes with garlic sauce

Paprika and tomatoes teaser

Recipe: Toor dal with mint and coriander

Recipe: Speck ham vol-au-vent with marjoram

Recipe: Basmati rice with coconut and coriander

Recipe: Pasta with onion and cinnamon basil

May and June gardening tips

Recipe: Ham brochette with sage

Recipe: Courgette omelette with marjoram

Rhubarb, tinda, papalo & quilquina

Recipe: Thai green curry with potatoes

Recipe: Aromatic herbs crepes

Sand storm on the rooftop

Recipe: Coriander chutney

Chili peppers after transplanting

Recipe: Brussels sprouts savory pie with sage

Recipe: Mint and sage ravioli

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Recipe: Fried naan with curry

Nigella flower

Recipe: Aromatic herbs omelette

Recipe: Meat and vegetables ragout with thyme

The chili peppers are in the right place!

Recipe: Fried plantain with mustard seeds

Recipe: Rice timbales with mint

Recipe: Sword fish with mint

Recipe: Vol-au-vent with chicken curry

Recipe: Coriander herb-scented guacamole

Healing Foods - Capsicum Round Up

It's a Vegan World - French Round Up

Recipe: Jalapenos with spiced sauce

Recipe: Rustic rice salad with chilies

April gardening tips: Outdoor sowing

Recipe: Mushrooms pasta with tarragon

Recipe: Sun-dried tomatoes tapenade

A flower for Earth day

Recipe: Zucchini carpaccio

Recipe: Lemon and coriander chicken

April gardening tips: Harvests and repottings

Recipe: Sesame pumpkin

Recipe: Pancetta with chestnut honey

April gardening tips

Recipe: Broccoli salad with vinaigrette

April gardening tips: Chives garlic division

Recipe: Caprese skewers with oregano

My 500th post!

Recipe: Vegetarian Carbonara pasta

Announcing It's a Vegan World - French

Announcing Healing Foods - Capsicum (Chilies and Bell Peppers)

Repotting the growing chilies

WHB #226: Recap

Recipe: Cheese roll-ups with walnuts and marjoram

March gardening tips: A new season begins

Recipe: Bresaola roll-ups with rocket and dill

A walk between my herb pots...

Young plants: Okra

Recipe: Fruit brochette with coriander

Recipe: Rolled sandwich with Russian salad

The 20 appetizers lunch

March gardening tips

Recipe: Speck ham risotto

Habanero Chocolate chili

Recipe: Corn patties with coconut sauce

Recipe: Cotolette alla palermitana (Aromatic tenderloin)

Recipe: Turkey sandwich with wild thyme and gorgonzola

Watching the little dark chili plants

Recipe: Hot & spicy French fries

February harvest

Recipe: Kidney beans burgers with Jalapeno

Recipe: Aromatic herbs tapenade

February gardening tips: Preparing the pots

Recipe: Sesame fried croutons

Recipe: Turkey tostadas with Jalapeno

Chili peppers reality show

Recipe: Chinese soup with ginger and coriander

Recipe: Wonton sweet and sour sauce

Recipe: Moroccan meatballs with rice and parsley

Recipe: Kamut kebabs with coriander

Recipe: Homemade five-spice powder

Chili last harvest

Recipe: Thai style burger

Recipe: Lemon muffins with poppy seeds

Recipe: Baked hot tortillas

Jamaican Red Hot Chili

Recipe: Pork spare ribs with mustard seeds

Recipe: Coriander sauce sandwich with Parma ham

Recipe: Tortellini with salami and basil

Nigella and Rhubarb, two newborn plants

Recipe: Seeds herbal tea

Recipe: Avocado nachos dip with coriander

Recipe: Yellow Thai curry paste

Thai Orange Chili

Recipe: Ginger and rosemary braid

Recipe: Sprouted fenugreek soup

Recipe: Homemade taco seasoning mix

Recipe: Thai chicken soup (Tom Ka Gai)

Harvesting lemon grass

Recipe: Orange pasta with smoked salmon

Recipe: Millet loaf with marjoram

January harvest

Recipe: Herb baked omelette (Kuku)

Recipe: Quick ginger chutney

Harvest and cook the broccoli rabe

Chili pepper 2009 harvests

Recipe: Nachos with beans and chili

Recipe: Pain aux raisins (French raisin buns)

Chili sowing, 2: newborn plants

Recipe: Hot risotto with clams

Recipe: Croatian salad with dill

Flowers on my stairs

Recipe: Stracciatella (Egg soup) with parsley

Recipe: Cheese and chilies balls

Waiting for licorice

Recipe: Steamed vegetables salad with Thai seasoning

Recipe: Celery jam

Sowing fenugreek

Recipe: Homemade Pav Bhaji masala

Recipe: Herbal Portuguese loaf

January gardening tips: Sowing garlic

Recipe: Cauliflower patties with coriander

Recipe: Kale soup with turmeric

Recipe: Jalapeno burger

Erbe in Cucina in 2009

Recipe: Chickpeas flour chips with thyme

Recipe: Jalapeno bread

Recipe: Dill canapes

Recipe: Brussels sprouts gratin with tarragon

Chili sowing

Recipe: Vegetarian mini burgers

Recipe: Cinnamon pastries with tahini

Merry Christmas

Recipe: Green sauce (and a sandwich)

December harvest

Recipe: Couscous salad with pomegranate and pistachio

Recipe: Sausage and kale pasta with rosemary

Recipe: Sfoof, sesame cake from Lebanon

Homemade fines herbes

Winter chili peppers on the catwalk

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Recipe: Walnuts pasta with marjoram

Recipe: Homemade Sambar powder

Winter chilies

Recipe: Pepparkakor, Swedish Christmas cookies

Recipe: Green beans casserole with mushroom cream

Recipe: Stir-fried pak choi

Recipe: Caramelized spicy walnuts

Harvest and cook the giant cardoon

Recipe: Mashed potato salad with parsley

Recipe: Salmon pasta with dill

Recipe: Apple tea with Thanksgiving herbs

Recipe: Rice baby pudding with biscuits

Weed's crusade

Recipe: Vegan steamed bao

Recipe: Tuna pasta with coriander

November harvest

Recipe: Homemade curry powder

Recipe: Spiced apple sauce

Autumn coriander

Recipe: Labneh

Recipe: Indian parota with coriander and mint

Spices and aromatic herbs mixtures

Recipe: Nettle and lentils fritters

November gardening tips: design, plan, thank

Recipe: Cinnamon basil tea with cocoa

Chili peppers during winter

Recipe: Caprese focaccia with arugula

Weekend Wokking Cabbage: The Round-up

Recipe: Spelt and lentil fritters with dandelion

November gardening tips: Protecting plants from winter

Recipe: Mandioc bread with bacon and mint

Recipe: Jalapeno Jaloro with Blue Cheese

October harvest

Recipe: Hot pumpkin jam

Rooftop composting: Lasagna gardening... in pots

Recipe: Paprika with Camembert cheese

Recipe: Eggless omelette sandwich with basil

Black Pearl chili

Recipe: New potatoes with sage

Recipe: Manakish Zaatar (Arab pizza)

Recipe: Big Jim Relleno

Recipe: Roasted pepper hummus with Thai basil

Autumn chilies

Recipe: Cinnamon basil pancakes

Recipe: Mozzarella fried sandwiches with chives garlic

October gardening tips: Winter salads

Recipe: Swordfish pasta with mint

Recipe: Herbed grilled salmon

Recipe: Aromatic chili powder

Recipe: Millet bread with spices

Recipe: Baby daal

Erbe in Cucina: Second birthday

Recipe: Hot Lemon skewers

Recipe: Causa, a rainbow purée

Young plants: Carob tree

Autumn flowers: Chives garlic and wood sorrel

Recipe: Kamut savory biscuits with rosemary

Recipe: Eggless chili omelette

Recipe: Stuffed tomatoes with Blue cheese

Recipe: Ham rolls with tatsoi

Recipe: Millet bread sandwich

Recipe: Stuffed Jalapeno

Recipe: Tuna fettuccine with thyme

Recipe: Herbed millet bread

Recipe: Tortilla pie with Pasilla Bajio

It's a Vegan World - Indian Round-up

Recipe: Whole wheat rolls with herbed chicken kebabs

Recipe: Tortellini with mushroom and tarragon sauce

WHB #202: Recap

Chili Pepper Files

Recipe: Thai basil pesto

Recipe: Chili jam

Recipe: Cheese and basil pasta

All 2009 chilies

It's raining on chili peppers

Recipe: White bean soup with thyme

Recipe: Indian yogurth sauce with coriander

Recipe: Pickled green purslane

Recipe: Zucchini daal with mustard seeds

Recipe: Besan Ka Cheela (Indian pancakes)

Recipe: Tomato savory tart with oregano

Recipe: Harissa hot sauce

Recipe: Grilled Vegetables with Garlic Sauce

Autumn sprouts on the catwalk

Recipe: Indian singara with ginger

Recipe: Arugula caprese salad

Don't smell the holy basil

Recipe: Yellow biryani with coriander

Recipe: Cauldron meatballs

Black ornamental peppers, 2

Recipe: Hot sauce with fennel seeds

Recipe: Vegetarian dumplings in roti bread

Storing sage

Recipe: Tuna sandwiches with nigella and Thai basil

Recipe: Stuffed Big Jim chilies

Announcing It's a Vegan World - Indian

Recipe: Cheese gaspacho with cherry tomatoes

Sporigami: a simple way to store seeds

Recipe: Homemade potato gnocchi

Recipe: Cucumber, herbs and poppy seed salad

Storing herbes de Provence

Recipe: Ginger spiced tea

Recipe: Hot starters with cheese

My first white eggplant

Recipe: Stir-fried rice with shrimps and Shishito

Sensitive plant and some other flowers

Who loves the Black Scorpion Tongue?

Recipe: Praga ham sandwiches with corn salad

Recipe: Bruschetta and roasted chilies with calamint sauce

Storing sun dried tomatoes

Recipe: Yellow chilies omelette with dandelion

Storing chili peppers

Recipe: Indian naan with nigella and sesame

Recipe: Herbal cream cheese

Storing basil

Recipe: Broccoli and sausage pasta

Recipe: Jackfruit kebabs

Recipe: Green purslane salad with eggs

Trailer for the next posts

Recipe: Chocolate leaves with ginger

Recipe: Green chilies with sesame paste

Chili peppers: the first 2009 harvest

Recipe: Onion keftedes (fritters) with mint

Saving chili pepper seeds

Recipe: Walnuts and dates bread

Recipe: Roast ham sandwiches with chervil

Recipe: Sardines bucatini pasta with wild fennel

Watching chili peppers ripe

Recipe: Trinidad Perfume with chervil sauce

A butterfly on Marigold

Recipe: Coconut rice with peanut butter and curry plant

Recipe: Chocolate cake with red chili

Presto Pasta Nights #121: Round-up

Recipe: Kamut soup with coriander and mint

Do you know what tree is this?

Recipe: Aubergines salad with white mint

Recipe: Grilled sword fish with herbs

A miniaturized harvest: pears and carrots from my garden

Recipe: Bacon and chili scones

Recipe: Clams spaghetti with parsley

Chili peppers are growing

Recipe: Hot couscous salad

Recipe: Stir-fried string beans with sesame seeds

Grow Your Own #30 Round-up

Recipe: Mozzarella salad with herbs

Recipe: Nachos pink dip with Jalapenos

Recipe: Mediterranean chicken kebabs

Recipe: Tuna and sweet pepper pasta with herbes de Provence

Green Zebra Stripe Tomatoes

Recipe: Moroccan cucumber and mint salad

Recipe: Ciabatta with marjoram omelette

Recipe: Hot green purslane salad

Recipe: Thai prawn toasts with coriander

Recipe: Radish leaves omelette with nira

WHB #188: Recap

Recipe: Cumin and cheese savory biscuits

Recipe: Hummus with summer salad

Storing rosemary

Recipe: Corn salad with Thai basil

Cinnamon basil flowers

My first Numex Sunglo chilies

Recipe: Pasta with asparagus and aromatic herbs

Recipe: Fried sage

Recipe: Sage and courgette bruschetta with green tomatoes

Recipe: Tortilla de patatas with rosemary

Recipe: Carrot soup with basil

Storing dandelion buds

Young plants: Oregano

Recipe: Italian 'Pasta alla Norma'

Recipe: Indian ginger and garlic bread

Recipe: Artichokes salad with sage

Spices and herbs seed harvest

Recipe: Clams soup with chives

Recipe: Bagna Cauda (Garlic dip)

Storing Chamomile

Recipe: Four cheeses pasta with marjoram

Tomatoes over the top!

Spice seeds on the catwalk

Recipe: Gnocchi with pesto and roasted peppers

Summer is almost there... a walk in the garden

Recipe: Fiery pasta with mushrooms

Recipe: Flowers tea

Recipe: Rosemary bread

Storing mint: dried

Recipe: Coriander pakora

Recipe: Broad beans soup with mint

Chili peppers harvests in 2008

Recipe: Mushroom risotto with calamint

Recipe: Carrot and mint cake

Clover and other spontaneous flowers

Recipe: Potato casserole with parsley

Recipe: Gnocchi with bacon and marjoram

Annatto, year two

Recipe: Rice omelette with thyme

Recipe: Caraway muffins

Last year chili peppers

Recipe: Rice with cheese and ajwain

Recipe: Asparagus soup with marjoram

Good company: chilies, cats and bugs

Young plants: Licorice

Recipe: Leek and peas pasta

Recipe: Cauliflower curry with coriander

Black ornamental chilies

Recipe: Spanish garlic soup

Garden design becomes reality

Recipe: Cocktail salad with pickled chilies

Horseradish flower

Recipe: Chickpeas with amchoor and coriander

Recipe: Vegetarian Pizza Capricciosa

Recipe: Potato croquettes with speck ham and marjoram

Recipe: Vegetarian tempura with nira

Recipe: Pepper casserole with red rice and Pasilla Bajio

Blooming time: white mustard, coriander and chamomile

Recipe: Dandelion salad with winter radishes

Requiem for the bay tree

Recipe: Stir-fried noodles with nira

Recipe: Fried bananas with coconut and sesame seeds

Recipe: Stuffed zucchini flowers

Pepper repotting

Storing mint: freezing

Radishes: the harvest

Young plants: Safflower

Young plants: Jalapeno


Recipe: Baked broad beans with balm

White mustard, flax and other fairy tales

Recipe: Botargo spaghetti with balm leaves

Peppers first buds

Licorice, year two

Chamomile, first harvest

Winter potatoes

I'm baaaaaack!

Recipe: Stir-fried spaghetti with Shishito

Erbe in Cucina first birthday

Recipe: Potatoes Thai curry

Recipe: Marinated fish with lemon pepper

It's raining on mint

Autumn sowing: winter radishes

Recipe: Aji Blanco Cristal chili jam

Recipe: Hot tabuleh with basil

Autumn Serrano peppers

Recipe: Stir-fried Aji Habanero

Recipe: Thai curry paste

Inca Red Drop Chili

Recipe: Pasta alla Puttanesca

Black Prince Chili

Cayenne with white and purple flowers

Recipe: New potatoes with catnip

Hail on Jalapenos

Recipe: Peach Melba ice cream

Recipe: Piri Piri chili cheese sauce

Red Devil Chili

All 2008 chilies

Autumn sowing: fenugreek

Recipe: Dukkah

Recipe: Crepes with mushrooms and marjoram

Cayenne Ring of Fire Chili

Recipe: Aji chilies and tomatoes salad

Peter Pepper Red Chili

September gardening tips: Seed harvest, the last harvest

Recipe: Shishito tempura with lemon grass

Jalapeño Chili

Recipe: Hot rice salad

Recipe: Green purslane salad with oregano

August gardening tips: Harvest festival

Recipe: Pasta with almond pesto

Flowers on pepper plants

Recipe: Hot beans casserole

Recipe: White gaspacho

Chilies on the catwalk

Recipe: Herb moon fritters with lavender

Surprise balm from last year sowing

Chilies first harvest

Another strange weed

Chilies, the blooming part two

Recipe: Chocolate and cinnamon basil patties

July gardening tips: Aromatic herbs, blooming

Sensitive weeds?

The first Jalapeño

Recipe: Grilled tuna salad with Thai basil

Peppers are ripening!

Late chili transplanting

My first Habanero pods

Recipe: Broken pizza with arugula and basil

My best seedling

Tourist in the pot

Harvesting autumn dill

First pepper pods, part 2

Recipe: Sukiyaki

First chili pepper pods

Recipe: Basil and zucchini tortellini

Recipe: Three cheese sauces from Ancient Rome

Cooking with nettles

Recipe: Potato balls with mint and coriander

Recipe: Fruit and mint milkshake

Recipe: Dandelion salad with egg seasoning

Recipe: Herbal vinegar

April gardening tips: The harvest begins

Spice direct sowing

Recipe: Wild fennel pie with cumin

My last sowing...

Recipe: Raw artichoke salad with parsley and chives

My first (italian) review!

Recipe: Radish leaves soup


Recipe: Green homemade tagliatelle

Saving Strawberry seeds

Recipe: Mint & herbs tea

Mimosa pudica, first true leaf

Catnip is born

Winter sowing dates - Chili Peppers

Spring buds

Chili peppers transplanting day

Spontaneous chamomille

Two new flowers

Winter sowing dates

Garden design

The growing challenge: All 2008 new plants

Recipe: Aromatic spring risotto

Chili repotting time

Young plants: Mirtle

Recipe: Potato rosti with dill

Numex Twilight meets ladybug

Recipe: Coconut, chocolate and mint cake

Young plants: Sesame

Annatto spice

Chili peppers group photo

Aromatic herbs, first true leaves

Spices and herbs: sprouting

Recipe: Nettle and cinnamon omelette

Recipe: Aromatic herbs cheese

Growing experiences

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