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Cumin seeds

Fenugreek seeds

Coriander seeds

Leek flower

Potato flower

Winter Over onion flower

Recipe: Vegetarian chili with herbs

Alfalfa flowers

Summer harvests

Chives flower

Recipe: Rocket and ricotta spaghetti

WHB #436: The recap

Recipe: Asparagus quiche with sculpit

Coriander flower

Yellow sweet clover flower

Herb harvests... appetizers

Orange thyme flowers

WHB #424: The recap

Recipe: Orange, chocolate and cinnamon muffins

March gardening tips: the harvest

Recipe: Maitre d'hotel butter

Texel flower

Recipe: Tex-mex soup with cilantro

The collector's garden: Deep purple beetroots

Aromatic herbs and tomatoes harvests in 2013

Erbe in cucina: Best of 2013

Homemade balm and mint yogurt

Recipe: Buckwheat naan with cumin

Senshyu yellow Japanese onion

Recipe: Herrings canapes with chervil cheese

WHB #412: The recap

Recipe: Pumpkin savory pie with almonds and ginger

Recipe: Cheese toast with herbs guacamole

November gardening tips: autumn tasks

Recipe: Potato salad with dill vinaigrette

Recipe: Pumpkin and apple soup with ginger

WHB #407: The recap

Licorice, red mustard and other harvests

Recipe: Carrot and basil savory muffins

Calamint and balm in New York

Recipe: Leeks, Brie and aromatic herbs soup

Melrose chili pepper

Recipe: Roasted vegetables chowder with basil

Young plants: Daikon

Recipe: Mediterranean aromatic mixture 2013

Recipe: Creamy soup with gorgonzola and mint

My 1000th post

Recipe: Mint pesto bruschetta

Vizcaino chili pepper

WHB #399: The recap

Recipe: 10 Herbs tea

Recipe: Peas salad with mint

Recipe: Mint hummus with aromatic herbs

Lemon bergamot flower

Recipe: Almonds and tomatoes pesto

Recipe: Watermelon salad with spearmint

A myrtle tree

Recipe: Pesto spaghetti with cherry tomatoes

Sculpit flower

July gardening tips: Summer harvests

Recipe: Purslane salad with sesame seeds

Vervain flower

Recipe: Sculpit omelette with onion gratin

Calamint flower

WHB #388: The recap

Recipe: Rocket and chives spaghetti

May gardening tips: Harvesting aromatic herbs

Recipe: Salmon and poppy seeds appetizers

WHB #380: The recap

Recipe: Baby beetroots omelette

Recipe: Parsnip and Welsh onion soup

Last winter harvests

Recipe: Tuna and thyme bruschetta

Miniature cauliflower

WHB #371: The recap

Mizuna flower

Recipe: Pumpkin, amaretti and sage appetizers

January gardening tips: winter harvests

Aromatic herbs and chili harvests in 2012

Erbe in cucina: Best of 2012

WHB #364: The recap

Recipe: Potato gateau with coriander

King of the North chili flower

Recipe: Avocado and cumin cheese toast

Young plants: Alexanders

November gardening tips: rooftop harvest

Ishikura bunching onion

Aromatic herbs in November

Young plants: Chioggia beetroot

Recipe: Chestnut and seeds loaf

Young plants: Swede

Autumn herbs

Recipe: Chilies in beer batter

Recipe: Pesto without garlic pasta


Herbs autumn harvest

Recipe: Middle Eastern aromatic mixture

Young plants: Chervil

Chilies and aromatic herbs October harvest

Recipe: Peas soup with pesto

Autumn sowings and harvests

Lavender flowers in Dublin

Recipe: Rice salad with paprika and chives

Chives garlic flower

Recipe: Salmon bagel with sorrel

WHB #351: The recap

My summer harvest

Cotton flower

Recipe: Savory pie with sorrel and basil pesto

Recipe: Chili pie with herbs and spices

Pennyroyal flowers

Recipe: Baked pasta with tuna, zucchini and thyme

Recipe: Vegetarian burgers with clary sage

Summer recipes

Scarlet sage flower

Recipe: Baked pasta with peppers and cinnamon basil

The harvest begins

Recipe: Pesto and purslane sandwich

Licorice flower

Recipe: Tarragon Stracciatella (Egg soup)

Zavory Chili

Recipe: Coconut and chocolate cheesecakes with cinnamon

Recipe: Cress and Blue cheese omelette

May gardening tips: harvest promises

Recipe: Strawberry Morning Glory cakes

Bear Claw tomato flower

Recipe: Aromatic French toast

Recipe: Aromatic mini skewers with honey marinade

Young plants: Salsify

Wild garlic flower

Recipe: Mini quiche Lorraine with tarragon

Recipe: Chili con carne with mini tortillas

WHB #330: The recap

Recipe: Mini tortellini pies

Recipe: Danish canapes with thyme

Yellow strawberries

Recipe: Dill and onion savory muffins

The miniatures lunch

Recipe: Cress and shallot soup

Spring harvests

Spring recipes

2011 Chili and vegetables harvests

March gardening tips: spring tasks

Apricot flower

Young plants: Ky pickles

Recipe: Strawberry cake with lavender

Recipe: Aromatic chicken nachos

Winter sowings

Recipe: Soy flour naan with nigella

Recipe: Brussels sprouts with leek and cranberries

Recipe: Rooftop vegetables omelette

Recipe: Nettles gnocchi carbonara

Recipe: Peas soup with ginger

Recipe: Corn bread with aromatic herbs

Chili and vegetables winter harvest

Recipe: Wreath bread with aromatic herbs

Recipe: Aromatic risotto with spumante

Cooking with oregano

Recipe: Aromatic homemade gnocchi

Winter recipes

Recipe: Mediterranean aromatic mixture

Erbe in cucina: Best of 2011

Recipe: Autumn chili

Recipe: Gingerbreadmen

Autumn recipes

Recipe: Onion and chili jam

October gardening tips: Autumn harvest

Spanish chilies

Recipe: Asian aromatic mixture

The collector's garden: Black chilies

Recipe: Black chili powder

Recipe: Sorrel and basil focaccia

Senise chili

Herbal powders for Erbe in Cucina fourth birthday

Recipe: Asian herbs sandwich

Recipe: Chocolate and mint muffins

Recipe: Vegan burger with aromatic herbs

Aromatic herbs in October

Recipe: Pasta Checca sul Rogo

September gardening tips: Harvest & Sowing

Recipe: Peruvian chili sauce

Recipe: Spaghetti with sorrel and basil pesto

WHB #301: Recap

Recipe: Rice salad with fried vegetables

Aromatic herbs in September

Recipe: Chocolate and ricotta plumcake with mint

Recipe: Stuffed sweet peppers

Cooking with aromatic herbs

Picnic recipes with aromatic herbs

Recipe: Fried peppers salad with mint

Recipe: Pizza with pancetta and caliceddi

Recipe: Mint sun tea

Recipe: Stir-fried noddles with shrimp and green soy

August gardening tips: The holidays

Recipe: Cold cucumber soup with mint

Recipe: Basil hummus and tomatoes sandwich

Recipe: Spaghetti with lumpfish caviar and chives

August gardening tips: Harvest festival

Aromatic and spontaneous herbs on Nebrodi Mountains

Recipe: Salad with basil vinaigrette

Recipe: Pickled Jalapenos

Aromatic herbs, chilies and tomatoes harvest

Storing chilies: Hot chili sauces

Recipe: Aubergines and pesto pasta

Recipe: Eggless dandelion pancakes

Aromatic herbs and vegetables from pot to plate

Recipe: Hot fried knots with chives

Storing marjoram

Recipe: Dandelion and yams pies

The surprising flowers

My 750th post

Recipe: Banana and rhubarb muffins

Black Aztec corn flower

Recipe: Couscous salad with cherry tomatoes and aromatic herbs

Cooking with basil

Aromatic herbs in July

July gardening tips: It's harvest time!

Pesto ideas

Milk thistle flower

Recipe: Hot watermelon gaspacho

Recipe: Gnocchi with sorrel and sunflower pesto

Armenian Cucumber on the rooftop

Recipe: Onion muffins with aromatic herbs

Recipe: Canapes with mint and nigella

Caper flowers

The collector's garden

Recipe: Carrot savory pie with fresh coriander

Recipe: Indonesian-style purslane salad

Lemon Plum tomato flower

Recipe: Lemon balm jam

Recipe: Chicken with sorrel sauce

Storing thyme

Beetroots: eat them all

Recipe: Paella parellada with coriander

Aromatic herbs in June

Recipe: Gorgonzola piadina with purslane and aromatic herbs

Recipe: Baked pasta with caliceddi

WHB #285: Recap

Cooking with rosemary

Recipe: Fried rice with mizuna and sesame seeds

Borage flowers

My chilies from previous years

Recipe: Gorgonzola and pesto pasta

Recipe: Pink crackers with poppy seeds

Recipe: Dandelion omelette

Recipe: Chicken souvlaki with honey and aromatic herbs

Recipe: Asparagus bread with sage

Aromatic herbs in May

Recipe: Stuffed Paccheri with marjoram

Rhubarb, year two

Recipe: Cajun rice with thyme

Recipe: Couscous verrines with chicken and coriander

Cooking with lemon balm

Recipe: Lasagna with broccoli, shrimps and pennyroyal

Aromatic herbs in April

Rooftop apricots

Recipe: French onion soup

The collector's garden: Discover radishes

Recipe: Crepes pie with pancetta and rosemary

Recipe: Yellow biriani with mint and walnuts

Recipe: Salmon pasta roll-ups with pink sauce

Cooking with chives

Recipe: Gnocchi skewers with almonds and sage

Recipe: Hushpuppies (Cajun fritters with thyme)

Aromatic herbs in March

Recipe: Green rice with winter pesto

The collector's garden: A rainbow of Habanero

Recipe: Crepes with artichokes and parsley

Recipe: Rustic pasta with poppy seeds

The 12 first courses lunch

Fresno chili

Recipe: Fried tofu with ginger spinach

Recipe: Cauliflower pasta with aromatic herbs

Recipe: Dates with aromatic herbs

Recipe: Gorgonzola and walnuts pasta with marjoram

The collector's garden: Jalapeno for everyone

Recipe: Morning Glory muffins with mint

A chili seed tale

WHB #271: Recap

Recipe: Leek savory pie with ginger

Rawit chili

Recipe: Focaccia with mackerel, thyme and nigella

Recipe: Smoked salmon pasta with curly leaf parsley

Cooking with sage

Recipe: Yams with five Indian spices

Recipe: Breadcrumbs pasta with aromatic herbs

Chili peppers harvests in 2010

Recipe: Minestrone with buck's-horn plantain

Recipe: Wild boar salami canapes with mint

February gardening tips

Recipe: Scrambled eggs with pennyroyal and buck's-horn plantain

Recipe: Apple, walnuts and sage pasta

The collector's garden: Colored carrots

Recipe: Tuna mousse with aromatic herbs

Recipe: Mushroom quiche with pennyroyal

Cooking with thyme

Recipe: Bok choi and nettle omelette

January gardening tips: Indoor sowing

Recipe: Salmon and cress canapes

Recipe: Ethiopian-style legumes soup

Broccoli rabe flower

Recipe: Mushroom boats with shrimps

Recipe: Cress soup with ginger

January gardening tips

Recipe: Rolled turkey with cranberries

Cooking with savory

Erbe in cucina: Best of 2010

All 2010 chilies

Recipe: Mandioc bread with Jalapeno

Czechoslovakian Black chili flower

Recipe: Sage and mint bruschetta

Pimento Piquillo chili

December gardening tips: Winter gardening

Recipe: Cranberries sauce, apple sauce

Recipe: Whole wheat bread with thyme and sage

December gardening tips

Recipe: Muhammara (Hot sauce with walnuts and mint)

Cooking with dill

Recipe: Egg & bacon with avocado and cress

November gardening tips: Time to rest

Recipe: Apple pie with cranberries

Watermelon radish

What is the weight of one cup of...

Recipe: Eggless pumpkin pancakes with cinnamon

French flowers

Recipe: Red chicory risotto with sage

November gardening tips

Recipe: Avocado salad with tuna and paprika

Cooking with mint

Autumn chili peppers

A walk between my aromatic herbs

Crepes and soupes

Recipe: Vichyssoise

My 2010 ornamental chili peppers

Erbe in Cucina third birthday

Colourful sowing in autumn

White mint flower

October gardening tips

Cooking with coriander

Recipe: Basil pesto loaf

Recipe: Scrambled eggs with Thai basil

Recipe: Vegan chili bechamel

Recipe: Chili and Cantaloupe jam

Erbe in Cucina this summer

Recipe: Robiola fritters with marjoram

Chili peppers reality show: the secrets revealed

Recipe: Banana Sweet chili sauce

Recipe: Burger with chili sauce

Cooking with marjoram

Recipe: Herbs omelette with fried green tomatoes

WHB #250: Recap

Rose moss flower

Recipe: White chicken chili

Burger Parade: Homemade burgers

Recipe: White eggplant omelette

Recipe: Tuna and thyme focaccia

Rosemary flowers

September gardening tips

Recipe: Sweet and sour burger with anise

Dandelion flower

Recipe: Yellow tomatoes gaspacho

Recipe: Apple and figs tart

Recipe: Green peppercorns burger with sage

Chili peppers harvests

Hyssop flowers

Recipe: Chicken & chilies paella

Recipe: Tinda (Indian round gourd) curry

Cascabel chili flower

Recipe: Kohlrabi salad, chicory salad

Dark Opal basil flowers

Recipe: Fried white eggplants and tomatoes with pesto

A walk between my chili plants

Recipe: Tex-Mex papalo dip

Wild thyme flowers

Recipe: Lebanese Fatoush (Purslane salad)

July and August gardening tips

Recipe: Rhubarb crumble

Wild clover flower

Recipe: Baked Brie with Provençal herbs

Chili peppers first pods

Chili de Onza

Recipe: Fried egg with coriander

White aubergine flower

Recipe: Zucchini and sage patties

Recipe: Caramelized onions with basil

June gardening tips: The harvest begins

Recipe: Sandwich omelette with aromatic herbs

Saving nigella seeds

Recipe: Duchess potatoes with garlic sauce

Paprika and tomatoes teaser

Recipe: Toor dal with mint and coriander

Recipe: Speck ham vol-au-vent with marjoram

Recipe: Basmati rice with coconut and coriander

Recipe: Pasta with onion and cinnamon basil

May and June gardening tips

Recipe: Ham brochette with sage

Recipe: Courgette omelette with marjoram

Rhubarb, tinda, papalo & quilquina

Recipe: Thai green curry with potatoes

Recipe: Aromatic herbs crepes

Sand storm on the rooftop

Recipe: Coriander chutney

Chili peppers after transplanting

Recipe: Brussels sprouts savory pie with sage

Recipe: Mint and sage ravioli

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Recipe: Fried naan with curry

Nigella flower

Recipe: Aromatic herbs omelette

Recipe: Meat and vegetables ragout with thyme

The chili peppers are in the right place!

Recipe: Fried plantain with mustard seeds

Recipe: Rice timbales with mint

Recipe: Sword fish with mint

Recipe: Vol-au-vent with chicken curry

Recipe: Coriander herb-scented guacamole

Healing Foods - Capsicum Round Up

It's a Vegan World - French Round Up

Recipe: Jalapenos with spiced sauce

Recipe: Rustic rice salad with chilies

April gardening tips: Outdoor sowing

Recipe: Mushrooms pasta with tarragon

Recipe: Sun-dried tomatoes tapenade

A flower for Earth day

Recipe: Zucchini carpaccio

Recipe: Lemon and coriander chicken

April gardening tips: Harvests and repottings

Recipe: Sesame pumpkin

Recipe: Pancetta with chestnut honey

April gardening tips

Recipe: Broccoli salad with vinaigrette

April gardening tips: Chives garlic division

Recipe: Caprese skewers with oregano

My 500th post!

Recipe: Vegetarian Carbonara pasta

Announcing It's a Vegan World - French

Announcing Healing Foods - Capsicum (Chilies and Bell Peppers)

Repotting the growing chilies

WHB #226: Recap

Recipe: Cheese roll-ups with walnuts and marjoram

March gardening tips: A new season begins

Recipe: Bresaola roll-ups with rocket and dill

A walk between my herb pots...

Young plants: Okra

Recipe: Fruit brochette with coriander

Recipe: Rolled sandwich with Russian salad

The 20 appetizers lunch

March gardening tips

Recipe: Speck ham risotto

Habanero Chocolate chili

Recipe: Corn patties with coconut sauce

Recipe: Cotolette alla palermitana (Aromatic tenderloin)

Recipe: Turkey sandwich with wild thyme and gorgonzola

Watching the little dark chili plants

Recipe: Hot & spicy French fries

February harvest

Recipe: Kidney beans burgers with Jalapeno

Recipe: Aromatic herbs tapenade

February gardening tips: Preparing the pots

Recipe: Sesame fried croutons

Recipe: Turkey tostadas with Jalapeno

Chili peppers reality show

Recipe: Chinese soup with ginger and coriander

Recipe: Wonton sweet and sour sauce

Recipe: Moroccan meatballs with rice and parsley

Recipe: Kamut kebabs with coriander

Recipe: Homemade five-spice powder

Chili last harvest

Recipe: Thai style burger

Recipe: Lemon muffins with poppy seeds

Recipe: Baked hot tortillas

Jamaican Red Hot Chili

Recipe: Pork spare ribs with mustard seeds

Recipe: Coriander sauce sandwich with Parma ham

Recipe: Tortellini with salami and basil

Nigella and Rhubarb, two newborn plants

Recipe: Seeds herbal tea

Recipe: Avocado nachos dip with coriander

Recipe: Yellow Thai curry paste

Thai Orange Chili

Recipe: Ginger and rosemary braid

Recipe: Sprouted fenugreek soup

Recipe: Homemade taco seasoning mix

Recipe: Thai chicken soup (Tom Ka Gai)

Harvesting lemon grass

Recipe: Orange pasta with smoked salmon

Recipe: Millet loaf with marjoram

January harvest

Recipe: Herb baked omelette (Kuku)

Recipe: Quick ginger chutney

Harvest and cook the broccoli rabe

Chili pepper 2009 harvests

Recipe: Nachos with beans and chili

Recipe: Pain aux raisins (French raisin buns)

Chili sowing, 2: newborn plants

Recipe: Hot risotto with clams

Recipe: Croatian salad with dill

Flowers on my stairs

Recipe: Stracciatella (Egg soup) with parsley

Recipe: Cheese and chilies balls

Waiting for licorice

Recipe: Steamed vegetables salad with Thai seasoning

Recipe: Celery jam

Sowing fenugreek

Recipe: Homemade Pav Bhaji masala

Recipe: Herbal Portuguese loaf

January gardening tips: Sowing garlic

Recipe: Cauliflower patties with coriander

Recipe: Kale soup with turmeric

Recipe: Jalapeno burger

Erbe in Cucina in 2009

Recipe: Chickpeas flour chips with thyme

Recipe: Jalapeno bread

Recipe: Dill canapes

Recipe: Brussels sprouts gratin with tarragon

Chili sowing

Recipe: Vegetarian mini burgers

Recipe: Cinnamon pastries with tahini

Merry Christmas

Recipe: Green sauce (and a sandwich)

December harvest

Recipe: Couscous salad with pomegranate and pistachio

Recipe: Sausage and kale pasta with rosemary

Recipe: Sfoof, sesame cake from Lebanon

Homemade fines herbes

Winter chili peppers on the catwalk

About blogs, mothers and recipes

Recipe: Walnuts pasta with marjoram

Recipe: Homemade Sambar powder

Winter chilies

Recipe: Pepparkakor, Swedish Christmas cookies

Recipe: Green beans casserole with mushroom cream

Recipe: Stir-fried pak choi

Recipe: Caramelized spicy walnuts

Harvest and cook the giant cardoon

Recipe: Mashed potato salad with parsley

Recipe: Salmon pasta with dill

Recipe: Apple tea with Thanksgiving herbs

Recipe: Rice baby pudding with biscuits

Weed's crusade

Recipe: Vegan steamed bao

Recipe: Tuna pasta with coriander

November harvest

Recipe: Homemade curry powder

Recipe: Spiced apple sauce

Autumn coriander

Recipe: Labneh

Recipe: Indian parota with coriander and mint

Spices and aromatic herbs mixtures

Recipe: Nettle and lentils fritters

November gardening tips: design, plan, thank

Recipe: Cinnamon basil tea with cocoa

Chili peppers during winter

Recipe: Caprese focaccia with arugula

Weekend Wokking Cabbage: The Round-up

Recipe: Spelt and lentil fritters with dandelion

November gardening tips: Protecting plants from winter

Recipe: Mandioc bread with bacon and mint

Recipe: Jalapeno Jaloro with Blue Cheese

October harvest

Recipe: Hot pumpkin jam

Rooftop composting: Lasagna gardening... in pots

Recipe: Paprika with Camembert cheese

Recipe: Eggless omelette sandwich with basil

Black Pearl chili

Recipe: New potatoes with sage

Recipe: Manakish Zaatar (Arab pizza)

Recipe: Big Jim Relleno

Recipe: Roasted pepper hummus with Thai basil

Autumn chilies

Recipe: Cinnamon basil pancakes

Recipe: Mozzarella fried sandwiches with chives garlic

October gardening tips: Winter salads

Recipe: Swordfish pasta with mint

Recipe: Herbed grilled salmon

Recipe: Aromatic chili powder

Recipe: Millet bread with spices

Recipe: Baby daal

Erbe in Cucina: Second birthday

Recipe: Hot Lemon skewers

Recipe: Causa, a rainbow purée

Young plants: Carob tree

Autumn flowers: Chives garlic and wood sorrel

Recipe: Kamut savory biscuits with rosemary

Recipe: Eggless chili omelette

Recipe: Stuffed tomatoes with Blue cheese

Recipe: Ham rolls with tatsoi

Recipe: Millet bread sandwich

Recipe: Stuffed Jalapeno

Recipe: Tuna fettuccine with thyme

Recipe: Herbed millet bread

Recipe: Tortilla pie with Pasilla Bajio

It's a Vegan World - Indian Round-up

Recipe: Whole wheat rolls with herbed chicken kebabs

Recipe: Tortellini with mushroom and tarragon sauce

WHB #202: Recap

Chili Pepper Files

Recipe: Thai basil pesto

Recipe: Chili jam

Recipe: Cheese and basil pasta

All 2009 chilies

It's raining on chili peppers

Recipe: White bean soup with thyme

Recipe: Indian yogurth sauce with coriander

Recipe: Pickled green purslane

Recipe: Zucchini daal with mustard seeds

Recipe: Besan Ka Cheela (Indian pancakes)

Recipe: Tomato savory tart with oregano

Recipe: Harissa hot sauce

Recipe: Grilled Vegetables with Garlic Sauce

Autumn sprouts on the catwalk

Recipe: Indian singara with ginger

Recipe: Arugula caprese salad

Don't smell the holy basil

Recipe: Yellow biryani with coriander

Recipe: Cauldron meatballs

Black ornamental peppers, 2

Recipe: Hot sauce with fennel seeds

Recipe: Vegetarian dumplings in roti bread

Storing sage

Recipe: Tuna sandwiches with nigella and Thai basil

Recipe: Stuffed Big Jim chilies

Announcing It's a Vegan World - Indian

Recipe: Cheese gaspacho with cherry tomatoes

Sporigami: a simple way to store seeds

Recipe: Homemade potato gnocchi

Recipe: Cucumber, herbs and poppy seed salad

Storing herbes de Provence

Recipe: Ginger spiced tea

Recipe: Hot starters with cheese

My first white eggplant

Recipe: Stir-fried rice with shrimps and Shishito

Sensitive plant and some other flowers

Who loves the Black Scorpion Tongue?

Recipe: Praga ham sandwiches with corn salad

Recipe: Bruschetta and roasted chilies with calamint sauce

Storing sun dried tomatoes

Recipe: Yellow chilies omelette with dandelion

Storing chili peppers

Recipe: Indian naan with nigella and sesame

Recipe: Herbal cream cheese

Storing basil

Recipe: Broccoli and sausage pasta

Recipe: Jackfruit kebabs

Recipe: Green purslane salad with eggs

Trailer for the next posts

Recipe: Chocolate leaves with ginger

Recipe: Green chilies with sesame paste

Chili peppers: the first 2009 harvest

Recipe: Onion keftedes (fritters) with mint

Saving chili pepper seeds

Recipe: Walnuts and dates bread

Recipe: Roast ham sandwiches with chervil

Recipe: Sardines bucatini pasta with wild fennel

Watching chili peppers ripe

Recipe: Trinidad Perfume with chervil sauce

A butterfly on Marigold

Recipe: Coconut rice with peanut butter and curry plant

Recipe: Chocolate cake with red chili

Presto Pasta Nights #121: Round-up

Recipe: Kamut soup with coriander and mint

Do you know what tree is this?

Recipe: Aubergines salad with white mint

Recipe: Grilled sword fish with herbs

A miniaturized harvest: pears and carrots from my garden

Recipe: Bacon and chili scones

Recipe: Clams spaghetti with parsley

Chili peppers are growing

Recipe: Hot couscous salad

Recipe: Stir-fried string beans with sesame seeds

Grow Your Own #30 Round-up

Recipe: Mozzarella salad with herbs

Recipe: Nachos pink dip with Jalapenos

Recipe: Mediterranean chicken kebabs

Recipe: Tuna and sweet pepper pasta with herbes de Provence

Green Zebra Stripe Tomatoes

Recipe: Moroccan cucumber and mint salad

Recipe: Ciabatta with marjoram omelette

Recipe: Hot green purslane salad

Recipe: Thai prawn toasts with coriander

Recipe: Radish leaves omelette with nira

WHB #188: Recap

Recipe: Cumin and cheese savory biscuits

Recipe: Hummus with summer salad

Storing rosemary

Recipe: Corn salad with Thai basil

Cinnamon basil flowers

My first Numex Sunglo chilies

Recipe: Pasta with asparagus and aromatic herbs

Recipe: Fried sage

Recipe: Sage and courgette bruschetta with green tomatoes

Recipe: Tortilla de patatas with rosemary

Recipe: Carrot soup with basil

Storing dandelion buds

Young plants: Oregano

Recipe: Italian 'Pasta alla Norma'

Recipe: Indian ginger and garlic bread

Recipe: Artichokes salad with sage

Spices and herbs seed harvest

Recipe: Clams soup with chives

Recipe: Bagna Cauda (Garlic dip)

Storing Chamomile

Recipe: Four cheeses pasta with marjoram

Tomatoes over the top!

Spice seeds on the catwalk

Recipe: Gnocchi with pesto and roasted peppers

Summer is almost there... a walk in the garden

Recipe: Fiery pasta with mushrooms

Recipe: Flowers tea

Recipe: Rosemary bread

Storing mint: dried

Recipe: Coriander pakora

Recipe: Broad beans soup with mint

Chili peppers harvests in 2008

Recipe: Mushroom risotto with calamint

Recipe: Carrot and mint cake

Clover and other spontaneous flowers

Recipe: Potato casserole with parsley

Recipe: Gnocchi with bacon and marjoram

Annatto, year two

Recipe: Rice omelette with thyme

Recipe: Caraway muffins

Last year chili peppers

Recipe: Rice with cheese and ajwain

Recipe: Asparagus soup with marjoram

Good company: chilies, cats and bugs

Young plants: Licorice

Recipe: Leek and peas pasta

Recipe: Cauliflower curry with coriander

Black ornamental chilies

Recipe: Spanish garlic soup

Garden design becomes reality

Recipe: Cocktail salad with pickled chilies

Horseradish flower

Recipe: Chickpeas with amchoor and coriander

Recipe: Vegetarian Pizza Capricciosa

Recipe: Potato croquettes with speck ham and marjoram

Recipe: Vegetarian tempura with nira

Recipe: Pepper casserole with red rice and Pasilla Bajio

Blooming time: white mustard, coriander and chamomile

Recipe: Dandelion salad with winter radishes

Requiem for the bay tree

Recipe: Stir-fried noodles with nira

Recipe: Fried bananas with coconut and sesame seeds

Recipe: Stuffed zucchini flowers

Pepper repotting

Storing mint: freezing

Radishes: the harvest

Young plants: Safflower

Young plants: Jalapeno


Recipe: Baked broad beans with balm

White mustard, flax and other fairy tales

Recipe: Botargo spaghetti with balm leaves

Peppers first buds

Licorice, year two

Chamomile, first harvest

Winter potatoes

I'm baaaaaack!

Recipe: Stir-fried spaghetti with Shishito

Erbe in Cucina first birthday

Recipe: Potatoes Thai curry

Recipe: Marinated fish with lemon pepper

It's raining on mint

Autumn sowing: winter radishes

Recipe: Aji Blanco Cristal chili jam

Recipe: Hot tabuleh with basil

Autumn Serrano peppers

Recipe: Stir-fried Aji Habanero

Recipe: Thai curry paste

Inca Red Drop Chili

Recipe: Pasta alla Puttanesca

Black Prince Chili

Cayenne with white and purple flowers

Recipe: New potatoes with catnip

Hail on Jalapenos

Recipe: Peach Melba ice cream

Recipe: Piri Piri chili cheese sauce

Red Devil Chili

All 2008 chilies

Autumn sowing: fenugreek

Recipe: Dukkah

Recipe: Crepes with mushrooms and marjoram

Cayenne Ring of Fire Chili

Recipe: Aji chilies and tomatoes salad

Peter Pepper Red Chili

September gardening tips: Seed harvest, the last harvest

Recipe: Shishito tempura with lemon grass

Jalapeño Chili

Recipe: Hot rice salad

Recipe: Green purslane salad with oregano

August gardening tips: Harvest festival

Recipe: Pasta with almond pesto

Flowers on pepper plants

Recipe: Hot beans casserole

Recipe: White gaspacho

Chilies on the catwalk

Recipe: Herb moon fritters with lavender

Surprise balm from last year sowing

Chilies first harvest

Another strange weed

Chilies, the blooming part two

Recipe: Chocolate and cinnamon basil patties

July gardening tips: Aromatic herbs, blooming

Sensitive weeds?

The first Jalapeño

Recipe: Grilled tuna salad with Thai basil

Peppers are ripening!

Late chili transplanting

My first Habanero pods

Recipe: Broken pizza with arugula and basil

My best seedling

Tourist in the pot

Harvesting autumn dill

First pepper pods, part 2

Recipe: Sukiyaki

First chili pepper pods

Recipe: Basil and zucchini tortellini

Recipe: Three cheese sauces from Ancient Rome

Cooking with nettles

Recipe: Potato balls with mint and coriander

Recipe: Fruit and mint milkshake

Recipe: Dandelion salad with egg seasoning

Recipe: Herbal vinegar

April gardening tips: The harvest begins

Spice direct sowing

Recipe: Wild fennel pie with cumin

My last sowing...

Recipe: Raw artichoke salad with parsley and chives

My first (italian) review!

Recipe: Radish leaves soup


Recipe: Green homemade tagliatelle

Saving Strawberry seeds

Recipe: Mint & herbs tea

Mimosa pudica, first true leaf

Catnip is born

Winter sowing dates - Chili Peppers

Spring buds

Chili peppers transplanting day

Spontaneous chamomille

Two new flowers

Winter sowing dates

Garden design

The growing challenge: All 2008 new plants

Recipe: Aromatic spring risotto

Chili repotting time

Young plants: Mirtle

Recipe: Potato rosti with dill

Numex Twilight meets ladybug

Recipe: Coconut, chocolate and mint cake

Young plants: Sesame

Annatto spice

Chili peppers group photo

Aromatic herbs, first true leaves

Spices and herbs: sprouting

Recipe: Nettle and cinnamon omelette

Recipe: Aromatic herbs cheese

Growing experiences

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