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(Ita) Il basilico liquirizia
September 25, 2016

(Ita) Ricetta: Polpette di carne e riso al basilico
September 24, 2016

Marigold petals
Spices close up
September 22, 2016

I harvested some marigold and dried the petals for my flowers tea. Marigold (or calendula) has big flowers, and can be also considered an ornamental plant. Leave some flowers on the plant to harvest the seeds. ...

(Ita) Voglio provare... gli spinaci indiani
September 20, 2016

(Ita) Ricetta: Quesadillas con pollo, gorgonzola e cumino
September 18, 2016

Late summer flowers
Growing aromatic herbs
September 16, 2016

It's raining and many aromatic plants are blooming. Hyssop has many purple flowers, that can be eaten raw or dried for herbal teas. Jasmine is full of is white flowers, with their incredible aroma. Cinnamon basi...

(Ita) Aromatiche e ornamentali: il gelsomino
September 14, 2016

(Ita) Ricetta: Biscotti alla menta
September 08, 2016

(Ita) Voglio provare... gli spinaci della Nuova Zelanda
September 07, 2016

Nigella seeds
Spices close up
September 05, 2016

Nigella seeds are also called black cumin or black onion. They are used in indian cuisine, and to decorate bread. They are dark grey, almost black, 2 mm long. In the picture: soy flour naan with nigella, small ...

(Ita) La verbena
September 03, 2016

Gardener's Delight tomato
Rooftop gardening
September 02, 2016

Gardener's Delight tomato is a variety of red cherry whose name is well deserved: it is an early variety and extremely productive. The pods are round, about 3 cm large, and 8-10 g each. They ripen from green to re...

(Ita) Ricetta: Pizza di verdure al basilico
September 01, 2016

Summer savory flowers
The surprising flowers
August 29, 2016

Summer savory is still blooming. Summer savory has smaller leaves and flowers than winter savory. Cooking with savory Savory recipes The surprising flowers: flowers of aromatic herbs, vegetables and spontan...

Dill seeds
Spices close up
August 28, 2016

Dill seeds are used green or dried as a spice, they're pungent and similar to caraway seeds. They can be used in pickles, aromatic vinegar, fish and potatoes. Dill seeds are oval and brown, and are used in pickles...

(Ita) Coltivare erbe aromatiche e spezie
May 23, 2016

(Ita) Ricetta: Frittelle di novellame aromatiche
May 18, 2016

(Ita) Il crescione di terra
October 14, 2015

Cumin seeds
Spices close up
October 11, 2015

Cumin is the second most popular spice in the world (after black pepper), is used in the Middle East on kebabs, in India as an ingredient of curry powder, with cheese in the Netherlands, and in the Mexican chili. ...

(Ita) Erbe aromatiche per ogni occasione
October 03, 2015

(Ita) Ricetta: Plumcake salato di pane all'anice
October 01, 2015

(Ita) Coltivare le erbe in autunno
September 29, 2015

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