Ginger is a spice spread all over the world and used to flavor dishes both sweet and savory.
It was since I saw the first Shrek movie that I wanted to bake some gingerbreadmen, I bought online the gingerbread cookie cutters, and this year I finally baked them. [...]
I made this bread for Imbolc (February 2nd), because it's braid shaped and it uses ginger, rosemary and cloves, the Imbolc herbs. This bread can be served with cheese, but also [...]
The taste of fried stuffed ravioli, the smell of indian spices, the pleasure of putting the hands in the dough. All in a single recipe! Singara with ginger Ingredients Serves [...]

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(Ita) Ricetta: Gingersnap cookies (biscotti allo zenzero)
(Ita) Quali erbe aromatiche per... verdure autunnali e invernali
Recipe: Pumpkin savory pie with almonds and ginger
Recipe: Pumpkin and apple soup with ginger
(Ita) Lo zenzero in cucina
Recipe: Peas soup with ginger
Recipe: Wreath bread with aromatic herbs
Recipe: Gingerbreadmen
Recipe: Asian aromatic mixture
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(Ita) Ricetta: Hamburger di maiale allo zenzero
Recipe: Tinda (Indian round gourd) curry
Recipe: Toor dal with mint and coriander
Recipe: Thai green curry with potatoes
Recipe: Coriander chutney
Recipe: Corn patties with coconut sauce
Recipe: Chinese soup with ginger and coriander
Recipe: Yellow Thai curry paste
Recipe: Ginger and rosemary braid
Recipe: Thai chicken soup (Tom Ka Gai)
Recipe: Quick ginger chutney
Merry Christmas
Recipe: Pepparkakor, Swedish Christmas cookies
(Ita) Ricetta: Nasi goreng (riso speziato indonesiano)
Recipe: Hot pumpkin jam
Recipe: Whole wheat rolls with herbed chicken kebabs
Recipe: Indian singara with ginger
Recipe: Yellow biryani with coriander
Recipe: Vegetarian dumplings in roti bread
Recipe: Ginger spiced tea
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Recipe: Chocolate leaves with ginger
Recipe: Indian ginger and garlic bread
Recipe: Flowers tea
Recipe: Thai curry paste
Recipe: Herbal vinegar
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