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December 27, 2012

This year is almost ended, it's the right time to look at all we did during 2012, and formulate our resolutions. Every year Cooking 4 all Seasons invites all bloggers to celebrate the new year with a recap.

Erbe in Cucina in 2012

Dill and Onion Savory Muffins1. Top 5 recipes of the year

The best recipe was Dill and Onion Savory Muffins, created for the miniatures lunch, and prepared many times since then.

The other unforgettable recipes of 2012:
Mini quiche Lorraine with tarragon
Strawberry Cake with Lavender
Pesto without garlic pasta
Avocado and cumin cheese toast

Mediterranean Aromatic Mixture2. Best dish of the month

January: Mediterranean Aromatic Mixture
February: Soy Flour Naan with Nigella
March: Strawberry Cake with Lavender
April: Dill and Onion Savory Muffins
May: Aromatic French Toast
June: Pesto and purslane sandwich
July: Quiche with carrots and tarragon (it only)
August: Chili Pie with herbs and spices
September: Salmon Bagel with Sorrel
October: Pesto without garlic
November: Chestnut and seeds loaf
December: Avocado and cumin cheese toast

Wreath Bread with Aromatic Herbs3. Best recipe prepared from other blogs

The soft and delicious Wreath Bread with Aromatic Herbs.

miniatures lunch4. Best Meal of the year

The miniatures lunch, a lunch made with miniaturized versions of classic recipes, from the appetizers to the dessert.

Scarlet sage5. New things discovered in the year

The most interesting discoveries are related to cultivation: this year I tried several new aromatic herbs, like the beautiful scarlet sage with its amazing flowers, clary sage, another variety of sage with large and silky leaves and earth cress, or american cress, very similar to garden cress but with round leaves.

Ishikura Bunching OnionThis year I learned how to grow and blanch the onions in the container. I chose the Japanese Ishikura variety, which does not form a bulb, and the pot was overflowing with long green onions, white and sweet.

Other discoveries:
How the licorice flower looked like.
My yellow strawberries, sweet and tasty.

6. Best (translated) post or picture for each month or year

Winter RecipesJanuary's picture: Winter Recipes

The post: Cooking with oregano

Soy Flour Naan with NigellaFebruary's picture: Soy Flour Naan with Nigella

Apricot flowerMarch's picture: Apricot flower

The post: Spring recipes

Borage flowersApril's picture: borage flowers from the post Spring harvests

The post: The miniatures lunch

Wild garlic flowerMay's picture: Wild garlic flower

The post: Harvest promises

Aromatic herbsJune's picture: aromatic herbs from the post The harvest begins

The post: Summer recipes

Pennyroyal flowersJuly's picture: Pennyroyal flowers

CucumbersAugust's post: yellow tomatoes (it only)

Lavender flowers in DublinSeptember's picture: Lavender flowers in Dublin

The post: My summer harvests

Autumn dillOctober's picture: Autumn dill

The post: Herbs autumn harvest

Young plants: AlexandersNovember's picture: Young plants: Alexanders

The post: Aromatic Herbs in November

King of the North chili flowerDecember's picture: King of the North chili flower

The post: Erbe in cucina: Best of 2012

7. New blogs discovered

8. Cooking resolutions for the year 2013!

The next summer I will have to restructure the rooftop and so I hope to optimize the available space and carefully choose the plants to grow.

This year I published a few posts here on Erbe in Cucina compared to previous years, I plan to post more recipes and information next year.

Create and discover more recipes for the family, which means delicious for us but also for my four year old son.

Worthily celebrate the 1000th post of Erbe in Cucina, coming soon!

Erbe in cucina: Best of 2011
One year ago: Erbe in cucina: Best of 2011

Two years ago: Erbe in cucina: Best of 2010

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Author: Srivalli (URL)

Looks like it s been another fantastic year in cooking and garden for you...Loved reading through your post..thanks for the entry!

Author: Rajani (URL)

What a beautiful way to bid an year good bye :)! And I love the miniatures lunch idea :)

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