Black Aztec corn flower

The surprising flowers
July 09, 2011

A few years ago I tried to grow corn, but my garden is too shady, besides cats decided that the young corn plants with their rough leaves were tasty, and have devoured all of them.

I had decided to not repeat the experiment, but this year I fell for the particular color of black Aztec corn kernels, and I loved the idea of growing this ancient variety. So after buying some seeds I started wondering: what now?

I sowed some seeds in March and I kept indoor until the plants have become more than 30 cm high. I repotted two of them in my rooftop containers, but I was sure they would not have survived... and instead they have grown, ignored by the cats and kissed by the sun.

Since they were willing to grow, I began reading about corn: corn plants generate a big plume above, and (unfortunately only one) ear. These are the male and female flowers of the plant.

Black Aztec corn flower

So, this disheveled funny guy is actually a flower, which should generate the blue-black corn kernels that I can't wait to taste. I will let you know!

The surprising flowersThe surprising flowers: flowers of aromatic herbs, vegetables and spontaneous herbs.

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The surprising flowers
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