Sporigami: a simple way to store seeds

Saving seeds
August 31, 2009

Sporigami are small paper bags, made as an origami, without glue or adhesive tape.
They were created to harvest spores, but they can be used to store seeds, that in plastic bags can't breathe.

I knew sporigami on Internet, but I find out that the page is no longer available.
This is my version, let me know if the original Sporigami page is moved somewhere and I will link to it.

Sporigami - 1Start from a small rectangle.

I used printed paper sheets... but I have been too lazy to change the year (raccolto means harvest).
This is a file RTF that you can edit and print.

Sporigami - 2Fold in two.

Sporigami - 3Make a small fold on the bottom.

Sporigami - 4Make a second small fold on the bottom.

Sporigami - 5Turn over the bag: the two small folds will be behind.
Fold two petals, as shown in the picture, and open again.

Sporigami - 6With the petals opened, fold again two other petals in the opposite direction.
Do not open these folds.

Sporigami - 7Following the previous folds, insert the petals under the big fold.
This is the way to close and open the sporigami.

SporigamiTry it again and again, and soon you will be a sporigami master.

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Author: Ale73 (URL)

Bellissime idee come sempre Graziana, il tuo blog mi piace tantissimo!!!
Sto raccogliendo un sacco di semi, userò questi sporgiamo x conservarli :D

Author: Graziana

Sì è un lavoraccio ma è uno dei modi più ecologici e naturali di conservare dei semi... ho già un po di semi che aspettano che io trovi il tempo di fare qualche sporigami per conservarli.

Author: Ale73 (URL)

Azz ho letto adesso che ho scritto sporgiamo pardon la stanchezza....
Voglio provare a conservare i semi dei peperoncini Habanero che ho comprato..vediamo se riuscirò a combinare qualcosa.

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